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We run, we crawl, we hide, we get drinks thrown in our faces, celebs tried to run us over with their expensive cars, they unleashed their bodyguards on us; but all of that couldn’t and will never keep us away from delivering to you the juiciest gossip, scandals, news, pictures, video and sh*tty practices of our most beloved celebrities and their groupies out there.

Replies.org is simple. We specialized in celebrity gossip; mostly African American celebrities but every now and then you will find some White stories on here.

We don’t spend a lot of time boring you will lengthy articles and stories. We get straight to the point! We tell the juice like it is and will never back down from that. The main purpose is to get you guys to get involved in the discussions, express your opinion of the stories, gossip or scandal or DIE. LOL!

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Shanna Livingston – Editor-in-Chief

34835a496b78746ec1c6181ec6d97ed6I started replies.org to bring you everyday juicy scoops from reality tv shows, celebrities, music industry, entertainment from around the world. Visit us daily because we always have something juicy to report. Oh, get involved too by discussing our juicy scoops with our readers.


Joana Johnson – Author / Contributor

116fd4a99350378524c928406c5a1d66Dedicated blogger for the Entertainment Industry. Recently joined the team at Replies.org. Love writing, fashion and traveling.