Advertise is one of the most popular celebrity gossip sites on the net. The site is growing very fast. Your dollars will be well spent with us. We have over 420,000+ Facebook fans and growing at a rate of 10,000+ per day. One of the most active fanpages on Facebook. Posts to the fanpage  are averaging 3.5k+ Likes. Some get as many as 10k+ Likes and over 3k+ comments in minutes.

Alexa Ranking

USA = 17,524 Worldwide = 133,395

Traffic Breakdown7

491,926 Visits Per Month / 52,678 pageviews per month

91.4% USA, the rest is coming from USA / Canada / Trinidad / UK

94% female with 97% African American or Blacks

Technology Distribution

50% mobile, 40% desktop, 10% tablet

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