[RUMORS] Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Getting Divorced! Both Cheating!

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mariah and nick divorce

Ok, this cannot be true. My favorite married couple Keyshia Cole and Daniels “Boobie” Gibson are heading toward divorce. But now it is rumored that my second favorite married couple is heading toward divorce! I need a huge hug right now. Just a couple of days ago, Mariah Carey tweeted a sexy and freaky happy birthday to Nick Cannon by tweeting him an almost-topless photo of herself, but now this!

mariah carey and nick cannon divorce

The rumor is running high on the tabloids that Mariah and Nick are cheating on each other and are heading for a break up and possibly a quick divorce. If those rumors are true, Mariah and Nick need to find a way to work out their differences for the sake of their twins. Those two outlast all Hollywood’s married couples and I think they can do it.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Divorce?

According To The National Enquirer:

On Oct. 8, MARIAH CAREY hit the Internet to wish her husband NICK CANNON a happy 33rd birthday, tweeting a sexy close-up photo of her bra-busting boobs with the message, “I’m waiting on youuuu.”

Oddly enough, that missive came after The ENQUIRER contacted their reps concerning our story about the celebrity couple’s marriage hitting a rough patch.

We offered them a chance to comment on rumors that BOTH of the stars have been cheating, setting up a potential divorce battle over Mariah’s $500 million fortune. Mariah’s rep denied the claims, and then Mariah fired off her lovey-dovey tweet. Coincidence? You be the judge!

In a bombshell expose, The ENQUIRER reveals that all is NOT as rosy as Mariah and Nick would want you to believe. In fact, we have evidence to prove that the 43-year-old songbird has not been wearing her wedding ring recently while getting cozy with some young hunks in the music business.

“All this cavorting around with handsome men has Nick seeing red,” said a source. “He’s about at the end of his rope with Mariah.”

Meanwhile, insiders say that Mariah has always been worried about her much younger husband’s wandering eye. And she flipped out when she surprised Nick, 33, on the set of his MTV show and found him flirting with a pretty contestant.

Mariah Carey is getting up in age and Nick Cannon won’t find anything better than her, so they better work it out. I’m pulling for them! #TeamMariahAndNick!

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