[OMG!] Big Boi’s Wife Found Naked Pics Of Andre 3000 In His Phone!

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big boi wife pics

This is a true shocker to most, that two of the most popular rappers Big Boi and Andre 3000 of Outkast would be put on blast about their sexual preferences.  Big Boi of Outkast is accused of being in the closet with his sexual preference.  I guess him being married was just a cover up.

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Big Boi’s soon to be ex-wife Sherlita Patton  filed for divorce a few weeks ago. Just a few days ago she claimed to have found naked pics of Andre 3000 on Big Boi’s phone after she went through it before filling for divorce.  Talk about a complete shock, she put him on blast about the disturbing pictures she found on twitter.

big boi and andre 3000

Big Boi and Sherlita Patton‘s divorce will definitely go down as one of the messiest divorces ever, because the kids being involved, his wife Sherlita is trying to get full custody of the kids, trying to claim their house and kick him out of it.

And the icing on the cake is she still wants to get child support and half his earnings he makes off any concert or performance he does in the future.  She feels portrayed, embarrassed and felt like she just wasted 11 years of her life.

I guess what they say in the A, number one in the U.S. for bi-sexual black men, and under covers.  Still love me some Outkast, but guess they loving one another.

Big Boi Wife Pics

big boi wife pictures

Do you think Sherlita made it up because she’s bitter or are Big Boi and Andre 3000 sexing each other on the down low? Atlanta, GA has a high rate or down low brothas!

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