[BUSTED] Keyshia Cole’s Husband Caught With Stripper [PICS]

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keyshia cole husband cheated

Keyshia Cole’s husband is running wild while she’s trying to save their troubled marriage. Both Keyshia and NBA star husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson have admitted to their marital issues. Keyshia often expresses her dissatisfaction and anger on Instagram and twitter with pictures and captions. As for Booby, even though he has publicly denied to have cheated on Keyshia Cole, his behavior over the weekend proved otherwise.

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Keyshia Cole Husband Cheating On Her With Stripper!

Booby Gibson joined Drake and Rihanna in Houston’s V Live strip club earlier over the weekend. Booby was spotted getting very comfortable with one of the strippers. An insider even told us that Booby left through the back door with that particular dancer after a couple hours of flirting. Booby was so comfortable with the dancer he posted a pic on his Instagram him standing behind her!

keyshia cole husband cheating on her

We know people go to strip clubs. Basketball stars are notorious for that after away games. However, for Bobby to post pictures of himself all over strippers online is a slap on Keyshia Cole‘s face.

Keyshia Cole is not managing this troubled marriage very well either. She was spotted having fun and leaving a club in Atlanta recently with her ex-boyfriend Young Jeezy. Whatever the marriage couple is doing is not working. It seems to me both are paying tit-for-tat games.

Keyshia Cole posted the below picture on her instagram profile the day after. I think this sums it up!

keyshia cole

What do you make of this?

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