[HOOKUP ALERT] Fantasia New Boyfriend! Guess Who!

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fantasia new boyfriend

R&B singer Fantasia has a new boyfriend folks. The good news is, this time he is NOT a married man! Fantasia’s new boo is none other than her co-star Dulé Hill. The new couple were spotted at the opening of Broadway’s “After Midnight.” Psych star Dulé Hill. Hill was a married man but divorced his wife a year ago. Fantasia signed a five-month deal as a jazz singer in the Cotton Club inspired musical.

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Fantasia New Boyfriend!

fantasia boyfriend

This is the first time that Fantasia has performed on Broadway since her 2007 stint in “The Color Purple” (which was cut short when she was diagnosed with a throat tumor) and she is getting rave reviews.  According to BlackAmericaWeb:

Those who dislike the scratchier side to Fantasia’s voice will be amazed by her transformation into a jazz singer under the direction of Marsalis. He has toned down her R&B theatrics and brought out the tonal quality that makes her voice so uniquely beautiful. It’s a star turn for the once embattled singer and she makes the best of it.

fantasia new play

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