Tami Roman New Show “The Roman Empire” Will You Watch?


tami roman new show

So its obvious to me Tami Roman’s personality in the season versus the last one is drastically different then last seasons. She was much more vocal in the last season and was always having some kind of drama going on with another cast member. This season she’s a little more laid back and not as confrontational.

It almost seems like shes checked out, she recently told an interviewer that she doubts there will even be another season, and that shes got bigger and better things brewing then the Basketball Wives show.

the roman empire

Shes having a spinoff of her own show “The Roman Empire”, she said that it will be a up close and personal view of her life, her family and her closest friends. She feels like its time to bring back the true Tami and let people know what reality is, because she keeps it real!

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