[OMG!] NO Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion! Evelyn Lozada To Blame!


bbw season 5 reunion

I want to be the first to apologize to Basketball Wives fans. We’ve just got news today that there will not be a Basketball Wives Season 5 reunion. Reason? because Evelyn Lozada refused to be part of it and without her there can be no reunion. Evelyn excuses for not wanting to participate in Basketball Wives season 5 reunion? She said it’s “because she’s sick and tired of talking about her split from ex-husband Chad Johnson” and “the break-up would be the biggest topic on the reunion show.”

No Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion!!!

basketball wives season 5 reunion

Shaunie O’Neal, the other producers and BET don’t think there will be much to talk about for a whole hour if Evelyn Lozada doesn’t participate because her domestic violence that led to her divorcing Chad Johnson just after a short time together was such a big part of BBW season 5 drama, that if she’s not there, there reunion will be a waste TV time and money!

“@EvelynLozada good on you for pulling out in the reunion,” a fan tweeted. “Why rehash the past. #BBW5″

“If it’s true I totally respect @EvelynLozada decision. U need your own show,” another user chimed in.

Evelyn agreed and thanked her Twitter followers for their support. “Thank u…❤️” she responded. “Old news!”

Do you feel cheated that there will not be a Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion?

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