[SHM] Evelyn Lozada’s Baby Daddy Got ANOTHER Woman Pregnant!


evelyn lozada baby bump

We recently reported to our fans that Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is pregnant for Los Angeles Dodgers baseball star Carl Crawford. The news even took us by surprise because of the still on-going drama between Evelyn and ex-husband Chad Johnson. Even though Chad is currently dating Kimberly Yohman - a popular stylist from Miami, he has not yet healed from the messy divorce.

It’s also evident that Evelyn has not gotten over the whole thing because she has bailed out on BBW’s reunion in order to avoid talking about it.

We have received a new tip from an insider that Ev’s new baby daddy has another baby mama he got pregnant a few months ago. Evelyn is 6 months pregnant and the other woman is reportedly going into her third month of pregnancy!

carl- crawford baby mama

The woman’s name is Amy Freeman and this will be her second child with Carl! Below is proof Carl purchased baby gifts for the unborn child. We obtained the information from Amy’s baby gift registry!

amy freeman and carl crawford baby registry

One of Evelyn’s friends revealed that her and Carl have been dating for a little over a year. If that’s really the case, Carl was sleeping with Evelyn and Amy at the same damn time!

Evelyn Lozada Baby Daddy

evelyn lozada baby daddy

Evelyn recently said during an interview that she would like to get married again but didn’t make it clear to whom. “I definitely would get married again. I still believe in love … I’m not one of those people that’s like, ‘We need to get engaged, we need to get married.’ No, absolutely not. I feel like that’s going to come, just like with the baby, let it come. i’m not forcing anything, so if it happens, it happens.”

Evelyn’s baby due date is late March, according to her!

What do you make of this folks?

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