K Michelle BOOTY PICTURE (buddha) : Causes Uproar with FANS!


K michelle Booty

K Michelle booty pics when posted can send social media in a tail spin.   Her  booty pics are one of the most highly searched pics on the web.

It has always been that way. However not only are here booty pics causing a stir so is the picture of her Buddha statue.

Fans are in an uproar about her posting a picture of that thing via her twitter account .

K Michelle showing off nice body

It all has something to do with this new man she has. He is none other than Lance Stevens from the Indiana Pacers.  Who is Lance?  That’s the same thing I was thinking.

Anyhow, recently K Michelle posted a picture of her kitchen table that showcased flowers, wine and food.

She was looking forward to a night of cuddling with her new boo and shared a photo of the occasion with her fans.  Thats when all hell broke loose.

In the back drop of the pic is a statue of Buddha.  This picture of Budhha did not sit well with fans.


Kmichelle Buddha


Here is a response from Fan

KMichelle Fans respond to her Buddha Statue.

K Michelle you now better.  Your fan base will not tolerate you worshiping Buddha, lol.  Tighten up!!! All jokes aside, we love K Michelle and wish her much success with her new recording contract. She recently signed with Atlantic Records.

Just as long as Buddha is now where in the picture when you perform on stage….

Fans dont forget that she left Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and will now be joining Love and Hip Hop New York.

In my Martin Lawrence voice “You GO Girl!”



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