[LOVE & HIP-HOP ATLANTA] Stevie J and Eve Sextape Leaked, Mimi Was The Side Chick NOT Eve


stevie j and eve sextape

Former rapper Eve says that she wishes she would have blamed it on drugs while dating producer Stevie J. She states that she has made some pretty dumb decisions while dating the producer, such as creating a sextape with her and another woman in it. They dated seriously for 3 years and it all came to a screeching halt when she found Stevie in bed with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Mimi Faust.

Mimi claims that she knew the apartment she came to visit Stevie J at was Eve’s. But from what Stevie told Mimi they were separated and just living as roommates. Eve is currently now dating a white man, and it even shocks her at times but she says she is now truly happy. She told an interviewer that Stevie would never be able to get back with her and who the woman she is today.

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How does this dude do it? Gets the most beautiful women to hook up with him and then not only that, gets a sex tape out of it! He states that “If you’re not giving the ladies enough spice in the bedroom, they will find another beef cake to replace you.”

For anyone to date, married, and have any kids with Stevie J after Eve is beyond me. Stevie has been a dirty dog his entire life and remains so to this day. Gotta give the brother credit though; he has never pretended not to be one. It’s the girls, the groupies and immature ones (can’t call the ladies or women) that keep throwing themselves at him. Stevie J is a cheater, a liar and a retard. dealing with his bulls.

Stevie J and Eve Sextape?

Google “Eve Sextape” and the #1 search result will be it (NSFW). If you’re not 18+ don’t do it. The boogie man will catch you and beat you up!

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