[OH MY] Mimi and Nikko Sextape Leaked! Yeah, That is Mimi!!!


mimi and nikko sextape

Oh my dayum, the fiasco for Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust continues. First, Mimi had to deal with Stevie J cheating and lying self but manages to get rid of him, but now this..WOW. Naked images allegedly from a Mimi and Nikko sextape is being shopped around by media outlets. The sextape starring Nikko and Mimi Faust is rumored to have been filmed at Mimi’s house a couple of months ago!

Mimi and Nikko Sextape!

After taking a look at the blurry images myself from mediatakeout, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is really Mimi Faust. The tattoo of the woman on the photo is a dead giveaway.  Mimi sports the same tattoo in the same spot as the woman on the screenshots.

mimi and nikko sextape

The images of the man is also provides compelling evidence that Mimi was involved in creating a sextape with Nikko. The screenshots are that of Nikko. I don’t think anyone can create a sextape and make the people in it look so much like Mimi and Nikko!

mimi faust and nikko sex tape


Stay tune folks, we’re digging more on this and will keep you posted!

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