THE TEST: Lie Detector Reality Show with Lamar Odom’s Mistress as First Guest!


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So many Hollywood and celebrity men and women have mistresses and cheating in Hollywood that TV personality Kirk Fox decided to do a show about it. The Test is a new reality TV show that gives live detector test to groupies who claimed they have slept with celebrity or someone very famous. Guess who’s the first guest of The Test?  if you guessed Jennifer Richardson you’re right.

Jennifer Richardson is the the young woman who claimed to have slept with Lamar Odom, the husband of reality TV Keeping Up With The Kardashian star Khloe Kardashian (read story here). Since Lamar is married to Khole, that would make Jennifer a mistress.

the test

The show “The Test” has Jennifer Richardson as its first guest. The aim is to get the truth out. The host “Kirk Fox” asks Jennifer a serious of questions in which should has to answer truthfully. The Test will determine if Jennifer really had a affair with Lamar or not! The Test looks like a bootleg version of the Jerry Springer show!


The Test first episode was September 9 and will air weeknights on your local station. See “The Test” site for more into:

The Test will sure have enough cheating husbands and wives to carry them through many seasons!

Watch The Test Show Trailer


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