[WTF] Did Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman Bleach Her Skin?


tami roman lighter skin

The list of black celebrity females accused of bleaching their skins are growing at an alarming rate. From Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, India Arie, Dawn Richard to Lil’ Kim , these girls really think more opportunities will knock on their doors if they were a little lighter. So, some of them are taking the extreme measure of bleaching their skins. One of Basketball Wives‘ favorite Tami Roman is being added to that list.

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Tami Roman shares the below pictures of herself on her twitter profile and she’s evidently looking a few shades lighter than usual. Tami even wear her hair blonde to match her new and lighter skin. Tami Roman was a lot darker when she was married to former NBA star Kenny Anderson and when she first joined Basketball Wives. Tami Roman looks unusually pale on this picture!

Did Tami Roman Bleach Her Skin?

did tami roman bleach her skin

We didn’t start the rumors folks that Tami Roman has bleached her skin. Some of her twitter fans started it up after she posted that picture and got us wondering as well.

“Please say this is just bad make up and lighting …,” wrote @MsBabyDoll117 on Twitter.

“WTF did Tami Roman do to herself?! She’s on that Sosa juice … three shades lighter,” wrote @lovekivi, this fan is referring to former Chicago Cubs professional baseball player and Dominican native Sammy Sosa, who first bleached his skin in 2009.

“I doubt @TamiRoman bleached her skin. Leave her alone. It’s something called makeup and women love switching up looks. Tami is too real 4 that! [sic],” @StevenMcCoyB said.

What do you think folks, did Tami Roman bleached her skin?

[HOT or HOT MESS] Jennifer Williams Acting Debut in “I Love Cinema”


jennifer williams movies

Jennifer Williams finally made her acting debut on the low budget movie “I Love Cinema.” The film is an independent project directed by one of our favorite girls in the entertainment industry, Leslie Harris. The 30-something year old former Basketball Wives reality show star also working on new reality show with Mona Scott Young.

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Jennifer Williams Movies?

Jennifer‘s plays the role of an “obsessed with film both in the classroom and the bedroom, but the Professor’s Film Fantasy World is shattered by racial controversy and a crazy media circus all seemingly out to get her.”

“I love movies that’s why I wrote the screenplay ‘I Love Cinema’.  It has the tone of some my favorite classic films like ‘Network,’ ‘A Face in the Crowd’ and ‘Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ … but ’I Love Cinema’ has a contemporary twist with college students dealing with real stuff, an actor from some of your favorite movies and TV shows and musical artists from our slammin’ Hip Hop and R&B soundtrack,” said producer Leslie.

Jen and Leslie started a Kickstarter campaign trying to raise $35k to produce the movie. So far with 17 days to go, they have raised a little over $1,700!

”I’m so happy to be able to play Layla. I’m honored. I think it’s great to see how the characters develop throughout this movie. I think you’ll be really impressed and I just ask that you help us with this challenge to bring it life and I feel like you definitely will not be disappointed. I’m going to do my best job,” said Jen.

Watch Jen and Leslie talk about the movie “I Love Cinema.

Do you think Jennifer Williams will be a good actress?

[OMG!] NO Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion! Evelyn Lozada To Blame!


bbw season 5 reunion

I want to be the first to apologize to Basketball Wives fans. We’ve just got news today that there will not be a Basketball Wives Season 5 reunion. Reason? because Evelyn Lozada refused to be part of it and without her there can be no reunion. Evelyn excuses for not wanting to participate in Basketball Wives season 5 reunion? She said it’s “because she’s sick and tired of talking about her split from ex-husband Chad Johnson” and “the break-up would be the biggest topic on the reunion show.”

No Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion!!!

basketball wives season 5 reunion

Shaunie O’Neal, the other producers and BET don’t think there will be much to talk about for a whole hour if Evelyn Lozada doesn’t participate because her domestic violence that led to her divorcing Chad Johnson just after a short time together was such a big part of BBW season 5 drama, that if she’s not there, there reunion will be a waste TV time and money!

“@EvelynLozada good on you for pulling out in the reunion,” a fan tweeted. “Why rehash the past. #BBW5″

“If it’s true I totally respect @EvelynLozada decision. U need your own show,” another user chimed in.

Evelyn agreed and thanked her Twitter followers for their support. “Thank u…❤️” she responded. “Old news!”

Do you feel cheated that there will not be a Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion?

[Basketball Wives] Kenya vs Suzie: Suzie Got Her AZZ BEAT By Kenya [PHOTOS]


kenya vs suzie

For all of you guys still watching Basketball Wives . . . it WENT DOWN last night. We’re not going to BORE YOU with the foolishness that happened for the first 55 minutes of the show – because ALL THE ACTION was in the last 5 minutes. Earlier this season, Suzi had a physical confrontation with Tasha Marbury – where Suzi basically won cause Tasha ain’t fight back. So she must have gotten CONFIDENCE from that . . . cause last night she TRIED IT with Kenya Bell.

The two of them were arguing about who knows what when all of a sudden Suzi got TURN’T UP and said, “I don’t give a f*ck about you,” to Kenya’s face. Suzi then proceeds to raises out of her chair, and throws a plate at Kenya.

Kenya vs Suzie

kenya and suzi fights

Kenya jumps up beats the mess out of Suzie. Unfortunately the CUT THE BEATING OFF CAMERA, but we spoke with a producer who told us that Kenya got on top of Suzi in A FULL MOUNT (#UFC TERM#) . . . and proceeded to ground and pound Suzi’s face into KETCHUP. Suzi was BLEEDING FROM THE MOUTH and had lumps on her face . . . as the below pic shows.

kenya moore beats suzie

Shaunie is VERY NERVOUS about the show coming off as violent, so we’re told that Suzie‘s mouth was WIPED CLEAN OF BLOOD before they showed her on camera again.

[Credit: mediatakeout.com]

[BBW FANS] Is It Time For Basketball Wives To Bow Out?


basketball wives done

It is completely obvious Basketball Wives has made a huge transformation from the last 4 seasons until the most recent season (BBW season 5).  While we all would tune in for the next crazy episode to see who will get hit over the head with a bottle next, there is no more bottle throwing.  After the show had been contacted by sponsors to turn the violence down on the next season, they did just that.

Basketball Wives Done?

The ladies of BBW in season 5 try to make a show  a positive reality show, but the issue with that is it didn’t start out positive, it was full of ratchettness and bottle poppin, and viewers wanted to see the drama!

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But all the drama has been dried up, and its obvious the women seem nonchalant about the Basketball Wives because most of them, such as Evelyn, Tami and even the Govan sisters are making strides to have their own show.

Now whether their ratings on their own show individually will be just as successful, there is still a question mark.  Because quite frankly watching Evelyn stand on tables and slap people always got huge ratings!  I’m just saying.

Laura and Gloria Govan Reality Show As Early As January 2014!


laura and gloria show

Laura and Gloria Govan need to stop bashing Shaunie O’Neal and her Basketball Wives show because if it wasn’t for her they would still be going to court trying to get a few dollars from their basketball star husbands. Not only did Shaunie put money in their pockets, she also made them an household name. Because of that, they’re not getting their own show. Who knew Laura and Gloria before Basketball Wives? If you did, you only knew them because of their husbands!

Laura and Gloria Govan New Show

laura and gloria govan new show

Laura and Gloria Govan say their reality show will be going live sometimes in January 2014 but didn’t go into details of the show. The didn’t have much to say about their own show but the haters had time to take shots at Shaunie O’Neal “Basketball Wives” and their fall-out with her and the show:

“I just feel like, there’s a show for everybody. I kinda felt like she should’ve kept it in the basketball creed,” Laura explained. “It was more so like, ‘If you want a show to be ratchet, then do that.’ You know what I’m saying?  Let that be the show.”

This statement is an indication that Laura and Gloria’s show is not going to be about athletes’ wives. So, what can it really be about?

“I just feel like that wasn’t the show that Basketball Wives should’ve been,” Laura said. “I have no harsh feelings.  I love some of the girls on the show. I love the producers, I loved it all.  So, you know I just felt like, there’s a show for everybody.”

Remember Laura referred to Shaunie and her Basketball Wives’ cast members as “Hoes?” Here’s what she had to say about that:

“I shouldn’t have used the word “hoes,” says Laura. ”I did apologize.  I apologize.”

I’m really looking forward to see what Laura and Gloria have under their sleeves with this new show. They have to come with it though. As much they criticize Shaunie O’Neal, they will have to beat her ratings….otherwise, they gonna have to shut the hell up.

[IT’S OFFICIAL] Brandi Maxiell Joins Basketball Wives LA!


brandi maxiell

What used to be a rumor is no longer. Brandi Maxiell officially confirmed she is joining Basketball Wives LA show. “It’s been crazy. It’s been different,” Brandi told HipHollywood. Brandi Maxiell is actually the only real basketball wive we can think of on the show! so the ladies will not have to worry about her going after their man and won’t dare to call her a side chick.

Who is Brandi Maxiell?

Brandi Maxiell is the wife of Orlando Magic basketball star, Jason Maxiell. She is also best friend of Basketball Wives LA original and current cast member Malaysia Pargo.

brandi maxiell basketball wives la

The only problem Brandi may have is, she may not fit in well with those chicks because they are all drama and Brandi is rumored to be drama-free!

“I’m married. I’m a wife,” Brandi said.

Brandi has survived ovarian cancer, so she’s looking at life in a whole different light than the rest of the Basketball Wives LA cast members. Brandi and Jason Maxiell has a very loving relationship and very supportive of each other. He even shaved his head in support of his wife Brandi when she underwent chemotherapy!

Watch The Interview with Brandi Maxiell Basketball Wives LA:

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 9 Drama – Tami’s Daughter Robbed at Gunpoint, Evelyn London Fashion Show a Disaster!


basketball wives

So a lot has gone on this season with the Basketball Wives. A lot of life changing, REAL life situations.  Tami had to make an emergency stop, instead of going to London with the ladies to attend Evelyn’s fashion show. She rushed to check on her daughter’s traumatic encounter with being held at gunpoint. While any parent would be nervous, scared, and in complete shock i think it opened up Tami”s eyes about life!

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 9 Drama

Tami’s Daughter Robbed at Gunpoint!

Tami‘s daughter sudden brush with death even had her making sure that she helped Suzie and Tasha patch up their rocky relationship and ongoing drama.

Tasha Marbury Stalker and Blackmail

Tasha Marbury then came forth about being stalked by her husbands mistress “the chef!”   She said the mistress kept calling the house, even got in touch with some of her family members to try and black mail them for money. This is the same mistress Tasha reportedly paid over $500,000 to keep her quiet about her cheating with Tasha’s husband and former basketball star Stephon Marbury. This happened at a time when the couple were facing foreclosure of their home!

Evelyn Lozada’s Disastrous Fashion Show in London 

Its been a very intense season for the ladies, even drama was on the horizon with Evelyn Lozada who started her own clothing line and first fashion show.  One of the models didn’t even show up, and last minute before the show began they were able to find a replacement in the nick of time.

It goes to show, that this show has gone beyond just a “show” real life can happen on or off camera, and these women are living proof!  Stayed tuned.

basketball wives season 5 episode 9 recap

Tami Roman Says What She Would Change About “Basketball Wives”


tami roman

Tami Roman was a guess at “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” alone side rapper Ludacris yesterday. Tami of course has nothing else going on other than Basketball Wives so that’s all Tami and Rickey Smiley talked about. Tami discussed the negative rumors about her, and the moves she’s making in order to build her own empire with her daughters outside of “Basketball Wives.” We all know by now that Tami Roman is working on her own reality show called “The Woman Empire.” So, it’s safe to say that’s the empire she was talking about.

Tami Roman also touched on her ongoing beef with Shaunie O’Neal, outlined what she would change on “Basketball Wives” and expressed her opinion of her new cast mate Tasha Marbury.  Tami spit out a list of reasons why she will NEER get back with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson and which women in the industry she would like to work with next…Guess what? Shaunie O’Neal is not one fo them.

tami roman on the rickey smiley morning show

Watch Tami Roman on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Talking About What She Would Change On “Basketball Wives”

Basketball Wives Catfight! Tashas Chases Suzie For Leaving Her Birthday Party


basketball wives

Okay so past few episodes, everyone has noticed Tasha Marbury is late for everything. Her own grand opening of her hair salon she was late. And then of all events Tasha is 2 hours late for her own birthday! Suzie, Evelyn and Shaunie got tired of waiting so they left. Tasha had the nerve to get upset and set up a meeting to confront them on why they left her party early.

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Everyone tries to explain why they left, and Tasha’s not trying to hear it, and takes a stab a Suzie, calling her a follower and that she doesn’t have a mind of her own. After the disaster of a dinner, Suzie decides to speak to Tasha directly at her home about the situation and Tasha gets in her face and kicks her out.

basketball wives tasha vs suzie

So just when Suzie thought the situation was over, Tasha comes chasing her down the hall and trying to slap her in the face. Suzie blocks her jabs and runs to into the elevator to escape from the crazy woman.

Basketball Wives Tasha vs Suzie

Needless to say Tasha got a few screws loose, who chases someone down the hall after they dismiss them? I don’t know about you, but if a parties not jumping and I’ve been waiting on the birthday girl for 2 hours, I’m probably gonna assume she got too birthday girl wasted before she could get to her own party.

I don’t know what do you think? Was she right or wrong for getting upset about her party? Hey, at least they left her gift right?

Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada “I’m DONE With Fake, Part-Time Friends”


evelyn lozada

Evelyn Lozada starting opening up in a previous interview about the friendships that she has had on the show and how true or fake they really were. Obviously watching the show the girls will turn on one another in a heart beat and there will always be some remarks made about one girl that will get back to the other.

Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada On Casts Friendship

Evelyn says she’s reached a time in her life where she’d tired of the fakeness and she really wants to have “true” friendships, someone she can trust. She stated that the only one she is truly friends with on the show is Shaunnie.

From the very beginning of the show, Shaunnie O’Neal had asked her first to be on her show and that throughout all of the seasons, Shaunnie has been the only one to stay a true friend through all the madness on the show.

basketball wives evelyn lozada

I can so totally relate to her trying to find true friends, there seems to always be a female that is either envious or jealous, wants to purposely start drama, or wants to find any reason not to like you because they are insecure with themselves.

When you find a true friend, don’t take them for granted, because the rest could care less about you and they only want to see you fail.