Did K Michelle Bleached Her Skin To Look Light-Skinned or White?


k michelle skin

So throughout the years there has been rumors about several black celebs who over time seem to change their tint of color.  We have heard speculation about Beyonce, Tamar, even India Arie, but the latest rumor has been about K.Michelle.  K.Kichelle is considered a brown skin sistah to me, but as of late seeing her on camera or in photos she is looking brighter.

Now I know filtering on cameras, lighting on videos can make a huge difference in tint, but some people who have seen her in person are suspecting that shes starting to bleach her skin.

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K Michelle Bleached Skin Rumors?

K. Michelle was recently interviewed and slammed down the rumor, stating she only bleach her roots and the talk about bleaching her skin is ridiculous.  But then again who admits to bleaching their skin?  It would almost seem to people that you aren’t proud of your complexion, right?

k michelle bleached skin pics

K. Michelle Tweeted:

[SNEAK PEEK] Official Beyonce’s Sexy 2014 Calendar!

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beyonce 2014 calendar

Beyonce is a sexy as she wants to be. Well, despite having a few nip tuck here and there she’s my girl. I honestly think Beyonce should have won “Most Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire NOT Scarlett Johansson. Beyonce’s brand new 2014 calendar is amazing and Mrs. Carter is amazingly beautiful.

The vintage-style sexy centerfold pic is above where she gives y’all a peek at her ASSets between a white door & a black-and-white zig-zag printed wall.

Official Beyonce 2014 Calendar Pictures!



The calendar will be available exclusively at shop.beyonce.com staring Monday, Oct. 7, and will be available at retail starting Tuesday, Oct. 15.

[Post credit: theybf]

[MUST SEE] 3-Year-Old Beyonce Dance Sensation On Ellen Show [VIDEO]

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3 year old dancer

Ok, I have to admit I was a little harsh in criticizing 3-year-old and dancing sensation Heaven King. I reported the story earlier last week and I criticized the mother for making the little girl dance and exposed her to the public via YouTube and other social media. I do, however, have a point about pedophiles. They are watching and do get turned on by stuff like that.

But, I do have to give credit to the  Heaven King. She’s a very talented dance. I couldn’t even walk straight when I was 3 years old. Her mother Tianne does a good job at choreographing Heaven, but the most of the credit goes to her. You have to be smart to be able to learn anything at that age.


Watching Heaven King dancing to Beyonce’s “End Of Time” with her mother Tianne on the Ellen Degeneres show won my heart over. For those of you who have not heard about this little girl, it’s a beautiful thing to see. After you watch this, if you have any kids, you will go home and put away their x-boxes and make them do something productive!

Watch 3 Year Old Dancer Heaven King Dancing to Beyonce’s “End Of Time” On Ellen Show

The YouTube video that started it all!

Beyonce and Jay-z Bored In Their Marriage! Uncle Says Bee Got Married Cause She Was Lonely!

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Beyonce and Jay-z bored

If a picture doesn’t speak a thousand words this body language in this picture says it all. While any man I know would be gawking at Beyonce’s Booty and speaking sweet lyrics in her ear. It seems like here, on a photo taken of them in Italy, they look like robots in this picture, especially Jay-z. He looks so deep in thought and the way he’s giving her a massage and looking off into space he seems like he’d much rather be somewhere else.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Bored in Their Marriage?

Now I know marriages have there ups and downs, and no matter if you’re a celebrity or not, the spark can dwindle, marriages take hard work. But it almost seems like Jay-z has checked out. It was just recently revealed a little while back that Beyonce’s Uncle spilled the beans about the real reason Beyonce got married to Jay-z.

Why Beyonce Married Jay-Z

He said Beyonce wasn’t even attracted to him, but because her career was booming, she had to watch her back on men trying to date her just for her money, she felt that at least Jay-z had his own money that he wouldn’t be trying to dip into any of hers.

Beyonce and Jay-z marriage in trouble

On top of that as a successful Singer/Actress it gets lonely at the top and not much time to date, states her Uncle, Jay-z pursued her and she was lonely, she knew if she wanted a family in the future she’d have to start planning it with someone she could trust before her biological clock ran out.

Never knew this beautiful would ever have this issue. What are your thoughts on this? Is it better to marry for money then love if you don’t have the option of love? Or do you just wait?


Jay-z and Beyonce Net Worth – Forbes Higher Earning Celebrity Couple of 2013

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jay-z and beyonce net worth

Beyonce and Jay-Z is the true definition of a match made in heaven. The power couple was just named by Forbes magazine as the highest earning celebrity couple of 2013! Not just the highest earning black couple or in-entertainment couple….the highest couple period.

The recording artists and business moguls seem to have everything going into the right direction. Beyonce gave birth to Jay’s only child early last year (January 7, 2012 to be exact) named Blue Ivy Carter, have multiple platinum albums and now money to last a lifetime.

jay-z net worth

Jay-Z Net Worth?

Jay-Z’s is worth an estimated $500 million dollars

Beyonce Net Worth?

Beyonce’s net worth is estimated at $300 million dollars

Jay-Z and Beyonce Net Worth Combine?

Jay-Z and Beyonce net worth is estimated at $800 million dollars

Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth?

Blue Ivy is worth a whooping $800 million dollars, $200 millions shy of $1 billion dollars!

blue ivy carter net worth

Jay-Z’s ‘Watch the Throne’ album and Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter world’ tour are rumored to be the pieces that put the rich couple to the top.

beyonce net worth

Congratulation Beyonce and Jay-Z. Ya my favorite couple ever.

[Source / Photo credit: abcnews]

Crazy Fan Alert: BEYONCE PULLED OFF STAGE!!! [video]

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Fan Pulls Beyonce off Stage in Brazil

It seems these days that often Beyonce Pulled Off Stage by some overzealous audience member is a common news headline. While performing IN, Brazil, on Sunday, some crazed fan was feeling himself a little too much.

Beyonce Pulled by fan off stage in Brazil

He appeared to get caught up in the moment and decided that he wanted to take Ms. Carter home with him before the concert was over.

While performing the fan reached over on to the stage and attempted to grab her bear hug style.

Beyonce Performs in Brazil.

Security was on top of it and grabbed Beyonce before the fan had a chance to really steal her away.  Wow, what a close call for B.

Will this continue be a regular occurring event for the pop diva at her shows?

However, Beyonce in grand fashion went over to the fan and thanked him for his support.  She is so classy and she loves her fans.

Beyonce we love you too.

 Click on the video below to see the crazy fan bear hug in attempt to have BEYONCE PULLED OFF STAGE!



Super Sexy !!! – Kelly Rowland Magazine Cover Photo Shoot!!


Shape Kelly Rowland Magazine Cover

Wow the most recent Kelly Rowland Magazine cover shoot turned out really well.  In fact it is smoking hot.

Kelly did the shoot for Shape Magazine.  The 32 year old diva is really stepping out to build her own brand while in the shadow of  Beyonce.

Shape’s magazine covers shows off Kelly’s gordeous legs and abs.  She has always been the picture of health.

“I work out five or six times a week. I feel better, look better, sleep better….Being fit makes me feel sexy. Isn’t that everyone’s goal when they work out, to look good naked?”

Kelly Rowland Magazine Cover Shoot


However, she does mention according to the YBF that it isn’t easy to stay in shape.

“As I’m getting older, the Rowland family trait of having bigger bottoms is taking its toll on my hips and butt. The other day, [my trainer] had me doing squats that were so hard I wanted to kill her. But my behind is getting higher and tighter. Exercise really does change your body.”

Kelly Rowland girl you are killing it. Keep up the good work.  We love you and appreciate your talent….



Beyonce Knowles: Hottest Bikini Body EVER?

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beyonce hottest bikini body photos

Hottest Biniki Body? Beyonce went on vacation on the Italian and Spanish coasts with her hubby Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. The vacation made the round on the blogsphere, but what is really catching people’s attention and much deserved publicity is an accidental photo Beyonce took and share on instagram with her fans wearing a green 2-piece bikini next to deep blue water in Italy.

We are nominating Beyone’s bikini body photo as the hottest bikini bod of the year. See the photo and let us know what you think.

beyoncehot bikini body photos






[Photo credit: Instagram

BOO’d UP: Beyonce and Jay-Z Share Cozy Vacation Photos

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beyonce vacation photos

Work hard, play harder. And when you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z you can play as hard and as much as you want because you’ve worked hard for it. The first lady of R&B Beyonce Knowles shared with her ever growing fans in her instagram profile a load of personal photos she took while vacationing on the coast of Italy and Spain with her husband Jay-Z and their lovely daughter Blue Ivy.

Below are Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy vacation photos sharing their priceless moments. Beyonce’s Ex-boyfriend Lyndell Locke is really going to cry after seeing these photos!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Share Cozy Vacation Photos

beyonce-and-husband-on-vacation beyonce-in-italy-vacation-photos beyonce-jay-on-vacation-pictures beyonce-jay-z-blue-ivy-on-vacation-photos beyonce-jay-z-blue-ivy-vacation-photos beyonce-jay-z-on-vacation-photos beyonce-jay-z-vacation beyonce-sexy-photos beyonce-sexy-pictures beyonce-vacation-photos beyonce-vacation-pics

 [Photos credit: instagram]

HOT OR NOT: Beyonce Showing her Curves in Retro-style Bikini in Brazil

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beyonce bikini photos

Beyonce sports a retro bikini in Brazil to promote her and Jay-Z’s Mrs. Carter World Tour! The singer and actress is not the only one to go retro in bikini before but she certainly makes retro bikinis look better than the rest of them.

Enough talk. See Beyonce showing her curves in retro-style bikini in brazil pictures and video above

beyonce retro bikini pictures in brazil

Beyonce Working on New Music Video In Coney Island, NY

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Beyonce Coney Island music video shoot

That’s right, Beyonce is working on a new music video and we can expect it to be something special. Maybe something dedicated to her first child with Jay-Z ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ who knows. She was spotted cruising on boardwalk  in Brooklyn’s Coney Island and looking as sexy as ever!

Rumor has it that Mrs. B is shooting the video for a song called ‘XO‘ yet to be released to the public or even leaked out.

Beyonce also stopped at Coney Island Cyclone Luna Park for some much need fun. Catch some of the photos below.

Beyonce Coney Island music video shoot

Beyonce new music video xo

[photo credit: necolebitchie.com]