[BLING BLING] Ciara Shows Off Her Engagement Ring [PHOTOS]

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ciara and future pics

Future may not have the means of Kanye West to buy Ciara an $8 million dollars engagement ring but a sparkling 15-carat pure diamond will do. Future proposed to Ciara over the weekend during her 28th birthday celebration. Ciara looks extremely happy and glows at her birthday turned engagement celebration at Moet Rose Lounge. Ciara had on a beautifully fit Alon Livne dress out of the Fall 2013 collection.

Ciara Engagement Ring Pictures

how much is ciara engagment ring costs

Ciara’s engagement comes a week after Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian on her 30th birthday with a 15-carat ring but costs Kanye $7.5 million dollars more than Ciara’s costs Future. Below you will find the stats on Ciara’s engagment ring.

More Ciara Engagment Ring Photos

ciara engagement ring pics

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Ciara’s Fiance Name!

Future (Nayvadius Cash) Born: November 20, 1983 (age 29), Atlanta, GA, Height: 6′ 2″ (1.88 m), Culture: Haitian-American

How Much is Ciara’s Engagement Ring Cost?


How Many Carats is Ciara’s Engagement Ring?


Ciara’s Net Worth?

Ciara’s net worth is $15 Millions as of 2013

Future’s Net Work?

Future’s net worth is $2 Millions as of 2013

We wish Ciara and Future good luck, success and longevity!

[PHOTOSHOOT] Ciara Magazine Covers! Homage To A Princess

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ciara magazine covers

If you ever had any doubt why rapper and producer Future put a ring on Ciara’s finger, these new photos of her featured on the covers of Annex, Billboard, Vibe, and others will clear it up for you. The first lady of R&B looks amazingly beautiful. Have you checked out the Ciara’s pictures yet?  This is a good week for Ciara. She celebrated her 28th birthday over the weekend with a 15-carat diamond ring and a brand new magazine cover.

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Ciara’s engagement ring may be be as expensive as Kim Kardashian’s recently purchased by new fiance Kanye West, but I’m sure Ciara is as happy as Kim is to be engaged to her boo. Well, this is going to be Kim’s 3rd marriage to Ciara‘s 1st and we’re hoping is the only! Below are the pictures that pay homage to true and uncut black beauty.

Ciara Magazine Covers / Pictures

[WEDDING ALERT] Ciara And Future Engaged Officially! [PHOTOS]

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ciara and future engaged

Less than a week after Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian, Future did the same thing and made the lady of his future Ciara his fiance. This officially the “Put a ring on it” season. Ciara’s publicist confirmed to Associated Press that the couple are now engage. Ciara will turn 28 years old on October 30, so the engagement comes two days before her birthday. Future presented Ciara with a 15-carat engagement ring!

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Ciara and Future Engaged!

After the engagement, Ciara tweeted:

Today Has 2 Be Like One Of The Sweetest Days Of My Life! #TheBestBirthdayEver

If I’m Dreaming I Don’t Want To Wake Up..Aaaaaahhh!!!:)

Congrats to Ciara and Future on their engagement. This is my favorite couple!

[BABY ALERT] Ciara Pregnant With Future’s Baby!

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ciara pregnant

I really didn’t believe all the rumors about Ciara been pregnant with Future‘s baby until I saw the pictures of Ciara after she performed in New York City over the weekend. Ciara is really pregnant! the baby bump is obvious when you look at the pictures. The recent instagram pictures Ciara posted right after the NYC performance really got the rumor mills rolling. The baggy clothes she had on is a typical “hide the baby bump” kind of fashion.

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Ciara Plans to Marry Future!

We also reported a couple of weeks ago that Ciara and Future as planning a secret wedding. The information is very credible because we got it from someone in the family. We will not release the name of the insider to protect the person because she was not giving permission to talk about it!

ciara and future wedding

Ciara Pregnant – Hide The Baby Bump Picture?

Let me see, his name is Future, he bought her a pair of matching Bentley, one for him and one for her. Ciara recently gushed about how much she loves him and how much he loves her back! Well, there are only two things left; marriage and a baby. And the couple’s marriage preparation is also hint she might be pregnant for real.

ciara baby bump pictures

If all the rumors are true, we wish Ciara and Future a long and happy life together. They’re really a cute couple and look good together!

[WEDDING ALERT] Ciara and Future Wedding is In Planning Stages!

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ciara and future wedding

Ciara and Future are one beautiful couple. They are cute, successful and deserve each other. I applaud the couple for keeping their relationship out of media spotlight. One can tell a “made for TV” relationship from a real one, and Ciara and Future relationship is surely a real one. The black celebrity couple keeps everything about them private; from the time they hooked up to now!

So, how did a planned Ciara and Future wedding leaks out to the media? well, there are those who’s job (not paid necessarily) is to find out what’s going on in these celebrities’ life and inform the rest of the public who care about them (or their haters) and watched them grew on the international stage. Replies.org is one of them!

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Ciara and Future Wedding!


Rumors are flying in Ciara and Future‘s circle that a secret wedding is in planning stages. Our source told us that they couple have already hired not one but two wedding planners and had them signed a confidential agreement to keep quiet about the secretly planned event!

The couple kinda gave us some hints that matching wedding bands were coming. Future recently went to luxury dealer in the Buckhead Atlanta and bought two sets of matching Bentleys, one for him and one for Ciara. Then, Ciara recently reveals that she fantasizes about taking their love to the next level.

Ciara and Future at 2013 BET Awards

Ciara and Future at 2013 BET Awards

Future can’t seem to have enough of Ciara and her music. He recently told Hot 97 radio station that he’s in it for the long run We haven’t set a date [but] this is The One,” he said of his ”Body Party” boo. “I said it before, I said it seven years ago, so for it to come around and happen, it was just meant to be.”

Lovely couple. We can’t wait to see Ciara walks down the aisle! We better get invited or we’re gonna crash the wedding!


SHOE-GASM: Ciara vs Rocsi Diaz at New York Fashion Week

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ciara vs rocsi diaz fashion week books

SHOE-GASM: Ciara vs Rocsi Diaz at New York Fashion Week: The R&B diva and the Honduran-born, American television personality stepped up to the red carpet at the New York Fashion week in high gear. Both ladies showed their unique fashion styles leaving big impressions. Ciara and Rocsi Diaz were spotted Lincoln Center heading to the runway shows. The ladies looked like they should have been in the runway shows themselves.

Ciara sported a Prabal X Casadei Fall 2013 edition while Roczi Diaz rocked a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood Scalloped Gladiator Sandals. The fashionistas gave us a preview of what’s coming for the fall of 2014.






[Photo credit: necolebitchie.com]

CUTESY: Ciara and Future 2014 Matching Bentleys Valued at $420,000

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pictures of ciara and future matching bentleys

Pictures of Ciara and Future Matching Bentleys

Remember the high school days when you and your girlfriend or boyfriend dress a lot and that sh*t was cool? I bet you won’t try it now! well, you would if you could do it Ciara and Future style. Ciara and Future, Hollywood newest and hottest couple posted a picture of their brand new 2014 matching Bentleys on Instagram for the whole world to it.

The pair of Bentleys are estimated at $420,000; that’s $210,000 a piece. Future reportedly surprised Ciara with the Bentleys purchased from an Atlanta dealership last week.

I’m not against giving your spouse or girlfriend expensive gifts but spoiling her or him too much may set up an expectation you cannot maintain later on. Sometimes, buying such expensive gift for a girlfriend or spouse may also indicate that the marriage or relationship is in trouble….in the case of Kobe Bryan; ya remember him?

Pictures of Ciara and Future 2014 Matching Bentleys

pictures of ciara and future matching bentleys

Pictures of Ciara and Future Matching Bentleys