[BREAK-UP ALERT] Derrick Rose and Fiance Mieka Reese Breakup Over Cheating!

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Derrick Rose fiance

When you want to break up a relationship and don’t want to face the person, do it on instagram, twitter or Facebook. This seems to be the trend now. Ne-Yo recently dump his fiance Monyetta Shaw after a year of engagement with an instagram picture with a break up caption and now Derrick Rose’s baby mama has done the same.

Derrick Rose and Fiance Mieka Reese Breakup Over Stripper Cheating!

According to theybf, the NBA superstar’s now ex-fiancé Mieka Reese use instagram to announce to the world that they are no longer together a couple of days ago.

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“PJ is the center of my life now and Derrick and I work together to co-parent for him. No Derrick and I are not in a relationship anymore but our friendship has always been there and will continue to grow,” she wrote. “Even if our only purpose in life was to create our son, I’m fine with that. My son is the greatest gift I could’ve asked for… Happy Sunday.”

derrick rose and fiance mieka reese break up

The official reason for calling of the engagement is not known, but a source has speculate it’s because the Chicago Bulls star point guard got caught in bed doing the nasty with a stripper! The source described the groupie Rose cheated with as a well-known dancer “with more tattoos than Lil Wayne.”

Mieka Reese has reportedly packed her bags and moved out of the couple’s Trump Tower residential condo in Chicago, ILL.

WOW, I guess the doctors order crewing chicks as part of Derrick Rose‘s rehab!

Keyshia Cole Birthday Party With Husband But None Wears Wedding Ring! [PHOTOS]

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keyshia cole birthday bash

Keyshia Cole celebrated her birthday last night alone side her husband Daniels “Boobie” Gibson. I was very hopeful and joyful to hear the trouble married couple hanging out and having fun. Then, the unthinkable happens, my world was shattered and went back and started to scan all the rumors about the couple’s divorce. All because I took a good look at Keyshia Cole and Boobie’s ring fingers and they were empty. Keyshia was celebrating her 32nd birthday (October 15, 1981).

Boobie showed up at Keyshia’s birthday party without his wedding band on and Keyshia Cole didn’t have her wedding ring on either. This is a bad side for the famous couple; a red sign that the marriage is about over! they can only stick it out and workout their differences or divorce. The only two options left. But at this point, neither seems willing to work it out!

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The fact that Keyshia went to a tattoo designer and covered her husband’s name with a butterfly tattoo on collar boneis proof that the R&B star has already moved on from her husband.

Daniels showing up at Keyshia’s birthday party is his last attempt at holding on to whatever left of the relationship. I feel sorry for the guy though. Keyshia was spotted hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Young Jeezy recently and it’s rumored that Jeezy is actively pursuing her! So this relationship is pretty much over!

Keyshia Cole Birthday Party Pictures

Keyshia-Cole-performing-at-birthday-party Keyshia Cole performing at birthday Keyshia Cole husband at her birthday party keyshia cole birthday bash Keyshia Cole birthday party pictures

[JUST IN!] Mariah Carey Cheating on Nick Cannon With Guess Who? [PHOTOS]

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mariah carey cheating

Ok, so i could have sworn just weeks ago Mariah Carey tried to cover up that her and Nick Cannon might be getting a divorce over cheating, but she didn’t cover up  photo proof of who she is cheating with.  Caught in several shots without her wedding ring on, she is seen all snuggled up with rapper Young Jeezy and Nick nowhere to be found.

Mariah Carey Cheating on Nick Cannon With Keyshia Cole’s Ex Young Jeezy!

mariah carey cheating on nick cannon

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Its quite obvious their Mariah and Nick’s marriage is going down the tube and they are openly just fooling around with other people.  I wonder what Nick Cannon will do with that huge tattoo on his back with Mariah’s name branded it!  Also i could have sworn Young jeezy got back with Keyshia Cole?  To be continued…

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[IT’S OVER] Nelly and Ashanti BreakUp – She’s Pregnant Too!

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nelly and ashanti

Nelly paid a visit to Power 105.1’s session of “The Breakfast Club” in Atlanta, Georgia to set the record straight on his recent breakup with Ashanti and her pregnancy rumors, as well as his new business projects. Ashanti relationship with Nelly is a bittersweet one. The couple are playing the “catch me if you can” game. Their on-and-off romance hardly get any media publicity but they’re still one of the hottest celebrity couples in the entertainment industry.

Ashanti is reportedly joining the reality show “Atlanta Exes” alone with Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond! Ashanti made the breakup official by posting the message below on twitter:

nelly and ashanti breakup

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Below is Nelly talking about his relationship with Ashanti, business projects, pregnancy rumors. Nelly even touch on his well-documented beef with Irv Gotti.

On if “Here I Am” was a shot at Irv Gotti:

“Nah, nah, nah. I wouldn’t say that I was going at Irv. “

On his rumored beef with Irv:

“Me and Irv ain’t never had a problem. We’ve always talked, you see what I’m saying? In that situation, you gotta be able to talk. We were able to speak, dead a**.”

On if he and Ashanti are cool:

“Yeah, we always good, man. We always good. I’m not an ill willed person, daddy.”

On if Ashanti’s “Never Should Have” was about him:

“That song was done a year before. I have the original version of it. I picked that song. It can’t be [about me]. That song was done a year before it came out.”

On Ashanti seeming heartbroken:

“Oh, I don’t think [she seems heartbroken]. Again, relationships are tough.”

On men always being made out to be the bad guy when relationships end:

“Of course we do. You’re guilty until you prove your innocence in them situations. It just like, ‘Yo! What do you?!’ Why can’t it be, ‘What she do?’

Nelly and Ashanti BreakUp Interview

[RUMORS] Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Getting Divorced! Both Cheating!

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mariah and nick divorce

Ok, this cannot be true. My favorite married couple Keyshia Cole and Daniels “Boobie” Gibson are heading toward divorce. But now it is rumored that my second favorite married couple is heading toward divorce! I need a huge hug right now. Just a couple of days ago, Mariah Carey tweeted a sexy and freaky happy birthday to Nick Cannon by tweeting him an almost-topless photo of herself, but now this!

mariah carey and nick cannon divorce

The rumor is running high on the tabloids that Mariah and Nick are cheating on each other and are heading for a break up and possibly a quick divorce. If those rumors are true, Mariah and Nick need to find a way to work out their differences for the sake of their twins. Those two outlast all Hollywood’s married couples and I think they can do it.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Divorce?

According To The National Enquirer:

On Oct. 8, MARIAH CAREY hit the Internet to wish her husband NICK CANNON a happy 33rd birthday, tweeting a sexy close-up photo of her bra-busting boobs with the message, “I’m waiting on youuuu.”

Oddly enough, that missive came after The ENQUIRER contacted their reps concerning our story about the celebrity couple’s marriage hitting a rough patch.

We offered them a chance to comment on rumors that BOTH of the stars have been cheating, setting up a potential divorce battle over Mariah’s $500 million fortune. Mariah’s rep denied the claims, and then Mariah fired off her lovey-dovey tweet. Coincidence? You be the judge!

In a bombshell expose, The ENQUIRER reveals that all is NOT as rosy as Mariah and Nick would want you to believe. In fact, we have evidence to prove that the 43-year-old songbird has not been wearing her wedding ring recently while getting cozy with some young hunks in the music business.

“All this cavorting around with handsome men has Nick seeing red,” said a source. “He’s about at the end of his rope with Mariah.”

Meanwhile, insiders say that Mariah has always been worried about her much younger husband’s wandering eye. And she flipped out when she surprised Nick, 33, on the set of his MTV show and found him flirting with a pretty contestant.

Mariah Carey is getting up in age and Nick Cannon won’t find anything better than her, so they better work it out. I’m pulling for them! #TeamMariahAndNick!

Keyshia Cole’s State of Marriage – Pictures Speak Louder Than Words!

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keyshia cole divorcing

There is no doubts Keyshia Cole‘s marriage to Daniels “Boobie” Gibson is a dire needs of help. The young couple is going through what most married couples have gone through. And because they are young, rich and famous they’re having a hard time dealing with the marital issues privately.

As opposed to seeking help with a marriage therapist, like most celebrity couples, they take their issues to twitter and Instagram and exposed themselves to the whole world.

Keyshia Cole, on a daily basis would post pictures with subliminal messages to social networks and Boobie would casually respond with his own. As a results, making the conflicts harder to solve. The R&B star was even spotted partying with her ex-boyfriend Young Jeezy a few days ago.

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Below is a number of images with messages posted by Keyshia Cole to her Instagram profile on a daily basis that provide hints on the state of her marriage to the basketball star.

Keyshia Cole’s State of Marriage Through Instagram Pictures

Keyshia cole's state of marriage

keyshia cole








[DENIAL] Lamar Odom “Khloe Will NEVER Leave Me!


khloe and lamar divorce

Although Khloe Kardashian, one of the three K dolls kicked her husband Lamar Odom out of their love nest AND refused to see him on their four year anniversary reportedly Lamar is NOT worried. Sources say, “She loves him too much to leave him.” Their marriage was already set out to be doomed in the public eye when it was pronounced to the world that they got married only a month after they had first met!

Khloe and Lamar Divorce?

According to the Christian Post:

The NBA veteran, 33, is reportedly telling friends that she will not file for divorce despite her allegedly having made threats to do so in recent weeks.

Talk about love at first sight. Well add the alleged reports of cheating scandals and drug abuse and we can assume there won’t be a Khloe and Lamar marriage anymore!


[IT’S OVER] Rapper Big Boi Wife Sherlita Patton Files For Divorce

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big boi ex wife

Another black celebrity marriage is on the rock folks. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Big Boi’s wife Sherlita M. Patton has file for divorce in Atlanta’s Fulton Superior Court. Big Boi is one of the lead rappers from the group “OutKast.” Big Boi and Sherlita M. Patton got married in February 2002. The couple is reported to have been separated for while.

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Sherlita’s reason for the divorce, according to court papers, is “irretrievably broken.” That’s usually what celebrities use when they’re filling for divorce. That often translates to “husband has cheated” in the eyes of the public and media.

Big Boi Wife Sherlita Patton

big boi wife sherlita patton

Sherlita is reportedly seeking half of Big Boi’s assets, including possession of the couple’s Atlanta mansion. Big Boi and his soon to be ex-wife have 2 children together. An 18 and 12 year old. According to court papers, Sherlita also wants full custody of the 12 year old and monthly child support.

big boi house

WOW, sounds like Sherlita is a scorned woman. I wonder what happened to pissed her off that much!


[PAYBACK B*ATCH] Keyshia Cole Party With Ex-Boyfriend Young Jeezy! NO RING ON!

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keyshia cole ex boyfriend

Ok, this may not ends well for neither Keyshia Cole or Daniels “Boobie” Gibson. It’s a bad idea for Keyshia to be hanging out with an ex-boyfriend. Keyshia was spotted partying with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Young Jeezy. If she did that to make Boobie jealous, it’s the worst idea because things will only escalate and get worst from there. It’s been reported that Boobie Gibson is a very jealous dude and jealous people tend to result to violent to get their messages across.

Keyshia attended Young Jeezy‘s birthday party in Atlanta over the weekend. The birthday bash was at an Atlanta club named “Compound.” Keyshia was spotted on the VIP section with Young Jeezy and his entourage. Keyshia stayed and party with Jeezy all night, and the next day tweeted this:

“Don’t dish it if you can’t take it,” “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” and “Oops, I just dropped the f-ck I was about to give.”

There is no doubt this tweet is directed at Boobie. This is a dangerous game Keyshia is playing, in my opinion. You can’t be saying you don’t want and divorce and want to work on your marriage with your husband and be seen partying with your ex-boyfriend the next. Then go on social media and fire shots at your husband! PLUS, Keyshia had no wedding ring on. Most of the time her ring finger were hidden!

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keyshia cole no wedding ring

Keyshia dated Young Jeezy in 2007, and in 2008 Keyshia revealed to Essence Magazine Jeezy proposed to her!

I just couldn’t do it. It’s weird. After this guy proposed to me, I was like, dang, this is everything a woman lives for: to be married, with a ring, to be able to represent something. But for me, it was the opposite. I was scared. When you get married, you become one; you don’t live just for yourself anymore. I’m just not ready for that. I’m not done with my goals in life. What’s the word when you just kind of fall back and let your man do the man thing? Submit? I’m all jacked up on that word. I just couldn’t submit. But I loved him. That’s the crazy thing about it.

Keyshia Cole Ex Boyfriend Young Jeezy, however, countered with a different story!

Keyshia asked me to marry her, bought me a ring and everything. She not gonna tell you different, I was grown enough to tell her, ‘Look baby, that isn’t what it is right now. I’m trying to get my sh*t together. I’m trying to get my money, take care of me and mine.’

To be honest, it was more what she wanted. She was cool and we had a cool friendship. The media made it out to be something crazy.

Even though Keyshia didn’t say Young Jeezy‘s name during the interview, she later said she was referring to Jeezy. She also admitted that she was pissed off and hurt Young Jeezy denied he had proposed to her!

Do you think Keyshia is playing “whatever you can do I can do better” game with Boobie?

Keyshia Cole Ex Boyfriend Young Jeezy Birthday Bash



[Source: necolebitchie]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Rasheeda and Kirk Divorce is Near! Mistress Comes Forward!


rasheeda and kirk divorce

No relationship or marriage is perfect but Rasheeda and Kirk Frost marriage as it plays out in the public is a hot mess. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season Season 2 really exposed the couple’s marital issues. What kind of man cheats on his wife, get his wife pregnant and publicly ask her to get an abortion? Kirk Frost kinda man.

While the marriage is on the rock, Rasheeda should break free and divorce Kirk Frost NOW. Here’s why I think Rasheeda will get raid of Kirk for good.

3 Reasons Why A Rasheeda and Kirk Divorce Should Happen

1. Kirk cheated on Rasheeda and publicly shoved it on her face

I strongly believe if a man cheats once he will do it again. I’m not saying Rasheeda should leave Kirk because he cheated. But let’s face it, Kirk cheated many times on Rasheeda. The fact that he publicly told her he cheated in a revengeful way is enough for Rasheeda to thrown in the the towers. And what kind of man cheats on his wife while she’s pregnant? Yep, Kirk Frost kinda man!

kirk frost mistress mary jane

Kirk Frost Mistress Mary Jane

2. Kirk tried to force Rasheeda to have an abortion on national TV

OMG, Kirk told Rasheeda on national TV that she should have an abortion because he’s not ready to be a father again. This is the first time in my life I witnessed a husband asking a wife to have an abortion. I’ve seen it happen with young couples that are not married but older and ‘supposedly’ mature couples….never. Rasheeda should divorce Kirk just for that alone. That’s not only selfish but also outright criminal.

3. Kirk lies, lies, lies and keep lying

Lastly, Kirk Frost is an habitual liar. He lies, lies, lies and keep on lying. One minute Kirk will admit he has cheated on Rasheeda and denying he ever cheated the next. Even Kirk’s mistress Mary Jane can’t believe how much he’s saying he hadn’t slept with her when she clearly showed proof the two were screwing around. In fact, producers have that sh*t on camera.

And how in the heck Rasheeda says she’s been with Kirk Frost for 17 years and Kirk got 5 kids and only 1 is with Rasheeda? What’s going on here?

Am I the only one who think Rasheeda should leave Kirk Frost now while she can?

Booby Gibson – I NEVER CHEATED on Keyshia Cole

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keyshia cole

After rumors emerged all over social media networks that Keyshia Cole‘s divorcing Daniel “Booby” Gibson over cheating; Booby took over twitter to express his disgusts with the rumors. Booby admitted that is marriage is in trouble but said the issues of his and Keyshia‘s strained marriage have  nothing to do with cheating.

Booby tweeted:

That tweet is directed at mediatakeout who earlier reported Booby and Keyshia are getting divorced because Booby cheated on Keyshia with a long list of women.

Keyshia Cole has stayed quiet and have not made any statements to media or tweet about the ordeal. However, she retweeted Booby’s tweets and added them to her Facebook timeline. I guess we can say she’s supporting her husband!

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Keyshia Cole Net Worth?

Keyshia Cole’s estimated net worth is $9.5 million dollars.

Daniel “Booby” Gibson Net Worth

Daniel “Booby” Gibson estimated net worth is $9 million dollars

Keyshia seems to be making her statements with posting pictures to her instagram account





Stay strong Keyshia, I’ve been there….so I feel your pain!