Lebron James Honeymoon – Savannah Was Just A Side Show! [PHOTOS]

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lebron james honeymoon

When prince charming comes and swept me off my feet (I can’t wait) and marry me, I already know where I’m going to go for my honeymoon. And trust me, all eyes will be fixed on me. That was not the case for Savannah “Brinson” James. Lebron James married his high school sweetheart then took her to Italy for their honeymoon.

They are a cute couple, don’t get me wrong. However, all the pictures the couple posted on their Instagram profile where much about King James not the bride. It looks like Savannah was getting shoved aside every time a fan or someone took a picture with the couple or should I say Lebron James.

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Apart from the two pictures of the couple kissing while waiting for their dinner, Lebron was the spotlight the entire time. It was supposed to be their day. The day for the bride to showcase the groom and the groom to show up his prize.

Lebron could have done a lot better at holding on to his wife when fans wanted to take pictures with them. Instead, he gladly let Savannah step aside while he enjoyed the attention. I would like to get into Savannah’s mind at the moment to hear how she really felt. I feel like Lebron was telling Savannah “I’m the king B*tch, no your position.” Similar to the way he treats Dwayne Wade with the Heat!

 Savannah and Lebron James Honeymoon Pictures

Savannah looks bored in all the photos

[SMH] Lebron James Mother SCREWING 31-Year Old Rapper!


lebron james mom new boyfriend

From rag to riches is a beautiful thing. But most of the time the rag years are spent in the hood. Unfortunately, when you move to riches you will have no choice but to take some of the hoodrats with you! In the case of NBA champion Lebron James, it just happens to be his mother Gloria Marie James.

Lebron just found out his new step-father is only 2 years older than him! Gloria Marie James hooked up with an upcoming 31-year old rapper out of Miami name “Lambo.”

Gloria is 45 years old and Lebron turned 29 a December of last year. Lebron got into a fight on the court with teammate Delonte West while playing in the finals with Cleveland Cavaliers a few years ago.

The fight was over rumors of Delonte sleeping with Lebron’s mom Gloria. The incident got a lot of media attention. Delonte even wrispered to Lebron on the court that Gloria was sleeping other teammates as well; that Lebron’s mom was smashing the teammates.

Pictures of Lebron James Mom Boyfriend Rapper Lambo

Lambo, Lebron James mom new boyfriend is said to be a big fan of the Miami Heat superstar. During last year’s NBA finals between the Heat and Spurs, Lambo was photographed wearing one Lebron’s championship ring and a pair of his custom made sneaker! Either Lebron has embraced his new step-dad or mom let him wear Lebron’s stuff!

I wonder if Lebron will ever call Lambo dad! LOL

lebron james mom boyfriend

lebron james monther new boyfriend

lebron james mom boyfriend

Lebron James Mom Boyfriend – Miami Rapper Lambo Burning His Money in South Beach



Lebron James Mistress from Columbia

As we all have heard by now Lebron James made it official and  married his long time girlfriend Savannah Brinson this pass weekend in California.

It appeared from early reports that the intimate affair went off pretty well.  It was a private ceremony with special invited guess only.

Lebron has been receiving a lot of positive feedback for stepping up and turning his player card.  But wait!


Rumor mill has it that two of Lebron’s side chicks showed up at his wedding this weekend unannounced.

Sources have reported that a “Latin Groupie” showed up and argued with security insisting that she was on the list as an invited guess.

Lebron James Mistress

Fortunately, she was unable to convince security to let her into the wedding.  She made a big scene before being escorted off the premises.

On the other hand, there allegedly was a second woman also known as one of Lebron’s side chicks that was successfully able to sneak her way into the ceremony.

She is a Columbian model by the name of Aljaree “AJ” Williams.  Sister girl is a cutey that has also been associated with recording artist Tre Songs.

Lebron and Savannah at Boys and Girls Club

I guess she wanted to give her congratulations to the newlyweds and possible set up an appointment for Lebron to smash those cakes somewhere in the far near future. SMH



BALLIN: Savannah Brinson-James Shows Off Wedding Ring [Photos]


savannah wedding ring

Fresh out of an over-the-top wedding to her long time boyfriend and now husband Lebron James, Savannah Brinson-James (yep) has something to show to her fans and haters; that super expensive wedding ring.

The newlyweds stepped out in public for the first time today and that the flashes from bling-bling almost blind their fans and bystanders. Lebron James and Savannah Brinson’s wedding took place on Saturday (Sept. 17, 2013) at 4:30 PM  in well-guarded and private ceremony at San Diego’s most expensive resort Grand Del Mar Hotel.

Is Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union wedding next?

How Much Savannah’s Wedding Ring Cost?

Savannah’s wedding ring is rumored to have cost Lebron James over $300,000. He is King James B*atches!

How Many Carats is Savannah’s Wedding Ring?

Savannah wedding / engagement ring is 5 carats!

Other celebrity weddings over the weekend were: R&B recording artist John Legend and model fiance Chrissy Teign AND Real Housewives of Atlanta pricess NeNe Leakes and Gregg.

Savannah Brinson Wedding Ring Photos




[Photo credit: atlantablackstar]

(PHOTOS) Lebron James Wedding: Fit for a King!!


Savannah Brinson and Lebron James

The much anticipated Lebron James Wedding Photos from this weekend are here. Lebron James is finally getting married, wow!

In 2003 upon graduation from high school before even being drafted to the NBA Nike anointed Lebron James the king.

Lebron and Savannah James

Drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron entered the NBA with some really high expectations for a recent High School graduate.  Cleveland was his hometown team and the NBA a professional business.  Many thought that Lebron would not be able to successfully handle the hype surrounding him and give in to the pressures of fame.

We all know what fame can do for those that are yet ready for it. For example, hanging with the wrong crowd and/or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But instead Lebron stood tall in the paint of maturity and kept his focus on becoming a professional at his craft.  He decided earlier on that he would surround himself with the right people that he could trust and count on.

In comes Savannah Brinson.  Ms Brinson is the high school sweetheart of Lebron James.  She is also the mother of his two boys.  Savannah has been by his side from day one often playing a behind the scenes role.

Lebron with Savannah and Kids NBA Championship Game

Lebron has showed his loyalty by remaining committed to her over the years.  This weekend has is making it official by rewarding her with the gift of marriage. She deserves it.

Lebron James Kids and Girlfriend Savannah

They have been engaged for over a year now and are set to marry in a star studded intimate affair at the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, California.

The couple’s wedding weekend kicked off with a Barbecue on Friday. Saturday the ceremony will take place and on Sunday there will be a farewell brunch. Details prior to this weekend have been kept under wraps by the request of Savannah and Lebron.  However, Replies.org has been able to secure a few photos from this weekends festivities.

Lebron James Wedding Invitation


Here are is a Lebron James Wedding photos from the private ceremony.  We will be adding more shortly.



Lebrons Wedding Photos Carmelo and La La



EXCLUSIVE: Lebron James Wedding Taking Place in Grand Del Mar Resort This Weekend

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Lebron James Wedding

King James is soon to have a queen and it will happen this weekend. Lebron James is set to marry his long time fiance Savannah Brinson this weekend at the Grand Del Mar exclusive resort in San Diego California. The location of the weeding is supposed to be top secrets but sandiego6.com discovered and reported the location earlier this morning!

Black celebrity gossip websites tried hard to find out where Lebron James wedding was going to take place but failed to find any information on it. The wedding has been keep highly secret. Even some of Savannah’s and Lebron’s family members don’t know where the wedding is going to happen. Employees were forced to sign a non-disclosure form or get fired!

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Dwayne Wade are reported to be some of the people in Lebron James wedding guest list. Lebron and Savannah will become official on Saturday afternoon.

Congratulation to Lebron and Savannah. You go Mrs. James!

Lebron James Chick Savannah Brinson is Bootylicious

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LeBron and Savannah Pictures

Lebron James and Savannah Brinson went for a walk in South Beach: I’ve lived in downtown Miami for over 3 years now and never come across the sexy and rich couple. In fact, I live a few block away from the American Airline Arena (where Heat plays for those who don’t know). I decided the other stay to take a walk around bay side to step away from all the celebs juicy stories I was indulging in. Guess who I spotted taking a strong on their own looking sexy as ever? none other than Lebron and Savannah!

Lebron and Savannah Photos

The hot lovely couple looks good. Savannah was licking on an ice cream cone like she’s a pro at you know what (lol) and Lebron with his muscular self with his hands around the back of her neck (no, not the Evelyn and Chad Johnson type of neck grabbing!)

Savannah, on the other hands (wheee, let me take a deep breath) looks bootylicious sporting some shorts-shorts looking like Bonnie and Clyde. Before I can take more pictures of the hot couple, they got in their hot wheels and sped away.

Lebron James Girl Friend Savannah Pics

I’m not saying I’m bi or gay or anything, but damn, that chick has some sexy legs! some juicy thighs. And that booty? in the words of Beyonce ‘she’s too bootylicious for you baaby!’