[Bad Girls Club Casts] Duck Face Becky: New Bad Girl


andrea Jones

A new bad girl is in the house  on Bad Girls Club and from the looks of it she is fitting right in. She started off by pranking the rest of the girls in the house. Andrea Jones aka Becky or duck face which were given nicknames since she looks like the “stereotypical white girl”.

Andrea puts hot sauce in the girls drinks and dirt in their makeup. The other girls proclaimed her as public enemy number two. They did everything from spit in her makeup to pouring tomato sauce all over her bed.

bad girls club Andrea Jones

Really was that all?! They gave their newcomer the Bad Girls club welcome. Let’s just see if Andrea aka Becky can turn all of this around.

New Bad Girls Club Andrea Jones Pictures

[Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta] K. Michelle Alone and Pregnant!


k michelle pregnant

K. Michelle just recently broke up with her NBA star boyfriend Lance Stephenson for cheating on her with his baby mama. But how about K. Michelle was actually the side chick! One of Lance Stephenson’s baby mama’s closet friends emailed this to a website explaining it all.

K Michelle Pregnant and Alone?

For the past three years my closest friend has been in an on and off again relationship with her “NBA” daughters father. Recently, I thought things were getting better between them being that I seen them together at her home in New York, but then she tells me K Michelle has been calling his phone while he was spending time with her and their two year old daughter. I am not one to listen to the media but there have been a lot of articles about her and my friends baby father on the Internet lately.

I forgot to mention his name is Lance Stephenson. My friend has been telling me what’s been going on and how he left his daughter on the 4th of July to take K Michelle on a date which I personally think broke her heart only because I truly believe she is pregnant. She had just told me they had unprotected sex that same day, which is crazy because he just bought K Michelle some kind of ring. I never liked this dude so I am not surprised from any of this because he did something similar during her last pregnancy. She was four months pregnant when he was arrested for beating on his first child’s mother but I guess she didn’t learn he was no good then and took him back.

I need help trying to convince her he has played her big time this time around and he is doing it in public so she cant be in denial about this. She doesn’t learn her lesson when it comes to this guy but I am hoping he stays away for good this time, especially if she is pregnant!!!! Because from what I see he doesn’t help her take care of their two year old daughter or his four year old that he has with another female, yes I know he is busy so I would hate to see her go through another stressful pregnancy. I am really worried about her and I don’t want her to go back to him or let him off easily, how can I help her through these rough times?

k michelle ex boyfriend

Damn… Sounds like homegirl has got it bad. Well hopefully we can at least help K.Michelle from making the same mistakes with this guy and perhaps putting homeboy on blast will give the baby mother a different point of view…

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Now if that didn’t drop your bottom jaw recent reports say that K. Michelle is out sporting her new baby bump!! Can you say BABY MAMA DRAMA!!!


[EEWWW] Cassie Gives Diddy A Foot Massage [PHOTOS]

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cassie and diddy

Just a few days after Diddy told “The View” that he is not ready to marry Cassie, she did the unthinkable. Any other female I know would have given Diddy and pillow, a blanket and shows him the couch. But instead, Cassie gave Diddy the most sensual foot massage that will a man’s balls tingle.

cassie foot massage

@casandrae was talkin shit on IG earlier! But now dis is later . My Baby and she gives mean foot massage . Lol

Diddy posted the foot massage pictures on his instagram profile while Cassie posted a cute photo of the couple cuddling in bed. I guess Diddy fold the need to show Cassie some physical affection in order to garners closeness. In a way though, that gesture shows the couple’s increased happiness. It should be you getting that foot massage Cassie NOT Diddy.

Cassie and Diddy Cuddling!

cassie and diddy sleeping

@iamdiddy can be pretty heavy sometimes… This picture is cute to me because I normally sleep on top of him… He really fell asleep like this.

Ladies, would you give your man a foot massage after he publicly says he’s not ready to marry you?

Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michele Spin-Off – Will You Watch?


draya michele spin-off

Okay so first Evelyn, Tami, and now Basketball Wives LA, Draya Michele has been hinting she might get her own show in the future too.   The cast members are starting to decline one by one to the upcoming seasons to do their own thing and it has producers having to find new cast members to keep the drama going.

Draya Michele Spin-Off

Draya said Basketball Wives will still be a must see, because of the newbies and their drama, but shes got her own pot brewing of reality!  I don’t know out of the 3 ladies, Evelyn, Tami or Draya, whose show would you most likely watch the most?

Draya Michele Talks Spin-Off Rumors


[SMH] Vivica Fox Cries And Says She’s Done Screwing Young Men!

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vivica fox cries

This sexy diva in her late 40s about to be pushing 50 soon, has finally come to the conclusion shes tired of random booty calls.  She admitted that she loved them young, with a pretty smile, nice teeth and if they had a six pack to match she was all over that.  It often got her in trouble, she says, and it wouldn’t last long.

Vivica Fox‘s most recent relationship with Slim came to a final halt only months before they were supposed to be married.  Slim said it did have to do a little bit about her age, he was getting serious cold feet.  When they were out sometimes he said Vivica as sexy as she was had insecurities about her age. That she felt like he was looking at younger women all the time when they were out.

Slim said sometimes she get really irate and crazy, and want to leave the place they were at immediately.  Vivica Fox tells a whole different story though, that she just wasn’t happy anymore and she just needed someone older and more on her level.

I don’t know who to believe, because later on she states, her cut off age is 35, but she might make an exception to a 30 year old if hes got it together.  Shes ready for a family, that biological clock is ticking!

Vivica Fox Cries on Bethenny Show – Interview


Basketball Wives Season 5, Episode 8: Is Little Tammy Taking Over Susie?


basketball wives recap

We all watched the previous episode on Basketball Wives when Susie BORROWED Little Tammy and she finally grew a backbone I mean who can forget the infamous hat flip? But will she ever give her back? Neighbors of Susie say they fear for her well being when they reported her having an argument with someone in her driveway while yelling, “Don’t let me bring out little Tammy!”

Basketball Wives Recap: Little Tami vs Suzie!

Really?! Well just in case Little Tammy is as aggressive as the real Tammy then you better steer clear from her. I hope poor Susie is okay and not suffering from some type of multiple personality or bi polar disorder . Then again that could bring a whole new twist to the show.


Keyshia Cole’s State of Marriage – Pictures Speak Louder Than Words!

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keyshia cole divorcing

There is no doubts Keyshia Cole‘s marriage to Daniels “Boobie” Gibson is a dire needs of help. The young couple is going through what most married couples have gone through. And because they are young, rich and famous they’re having a hard time dealing with the marital issues privately.

As opposed to seeking help with a marriage therapist, like most celebrity couples, they take their issues to twitter and Instagram and exposed themselves to the whole world.

Keyshia Cole, on a daily basis would post pictures with subliminal messages to social networks and Boobie would casually respond with his own. As a results, making the conflicts harder to solve. The R&B star was even spotted partying with her ex-boyfriend Young Jeezy a few days ago.

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Below is a number of images with messages posted by Keyshia Cole to her Instagram profile on a daily basis that provide hints on the state of her marriage to the basketball star.

Keyshia Cole’s State of Marriage Through Instagram Pictures

Keyshia cole's state of marriage

keyshia cole








Tami Roman New Show “The Roman Empire” Will You Watch?


tami roman new show

So its obvious to me Tami Roman’s personality in the season versus the last one is drastically different then last seasons. She was much more vocal in the last season and was always having some kind of drama going on with another cast member. This season she’s a little more laid back and not as confrontational.

It almost seems like shes checked out, she recently told an interviewer that she doubts there will even be another season, and that shes got bigger and better things brewing then the Basketball Wives show.

the roman empire

Shes having a spinoff of her own show “The Roman Empire”, she said that it will be a up close and personal view of her life, her family and her closest friends. She feels like its time to bring back the true Tami and let people know what reality is, because she keeps it real!

Would you watch Tami Roman new show “The Roman Empire?” Comments

Rihanna Shows Miley Cyrus How To Twerk in “Pour it Up” Music Video

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rihanna pour it up music video

Hold on Miley Cyrus, watch Rihanna‘s new “Pour it Up” music video before you twerk again or hire the original twerk team to help you out. Rihanna releases her sexiest music video yet entitled  “Pour it Up.” In the video, the bad girl recording artist does a good job at pouring it up for the gentlemen out there and the girls that like girls.


Rihanna “Pour it Up” Music Video

Rihanna “Pour it Up” Backstage Photos

Royce Reed “I Sold My Soul” on Basketball Wives Show!


royce reed basketball wives

Former Basketball Wives, Royce Reed ultimately left the show after four seasons. “I felt kinda like I was selling my soul,” Reese said of her role on Basketball Wives. She went on saying that, “The way the show was pitched is completely different from what it has become.

We pitched the show as being positive and with goal oriented career driven woman that also like to have fun while dealing with the stresses of their exes or spouses and life,” Reed wrote.

Royce Reed Basketball Wives Rant

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Reese said that she was happy how she left the show because her fans was able to see that she had her career and her life in order.


Way to go Reese. The only question that lingers in the air is Evelyn Lozada already revealed that there will be an old cast member returning. Could Royce Reed be making a big come back?


[REALITY ALERT] Meet Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Newest Cast


bami joins love and hip hop atlanta

Bambi recently left the show Basketball Wives and is now is talking about joining Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. If she does decide to join it, she will not be single. She is now currently dating Atlanta native, Lil Scrappy. Let the girl fight begin!

Bambi Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Although she claim that she was NEVER a side chick, something is telling me that she could have been the reason Scrappy suddenly gave up without a fight for Erica during the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion.

As far as Mama Dee, “I have people in my family like Momma Dee. So, I know how to deal with her. Just let her turn up.” Bambi commented. Let’s hope it’s just that easy. We all know how Mama Dee can “turn up” when it comes down to her Prince of the South.

bambi love and hip hop atlanta

Speaking of “turnt up,” what will Erica and Shay have to say about this added addition to an already messy love triangle?