[BABY ALERT] Ciara Pregnant With Future’s Baby!

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ciara pregnant

I really didn’t believe all the rumors about Ciara been pregnant with Future‘s baby until I saw the pictures of Ciara after she performed in New York City over the weekend. Ciara is really pregnant! the baby bump is obvious when you look at the pictures. The recent instagram pictures Ciara posted right after the NYC performance really got the rumor mills rolling. The baggy clothes she had on is a typical “hide the baby bump” kind of fashion.

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Ciara Plans to Marry Future!

We also reported a couple of weeks ago that Ciara and Future as planning a secret wedding. The information is very credible because we got it from someone in the family. We will not release the name of the insider to protect the person because she was not giving permission to talk about it!

ciara and future wedding

Ciara Pregnant – Hide The Baby Bump Picture?

Let me see, his name is Future, he bought her a pair of matching Bentley, one for him and one for her. Ciara recently gushed about how much she loves him and how much he loves her back! Well, there are only two things left; marriage and a baby. And the couple’s marriage preparation is also hint she might be pregnant for real.

ciara baby bump pictures

If all the rumors are true, we wish Ciara and Future a long and happy life together. They’re really a cute couple and look good together!

Chris Brown Tells Karrueche Tran NOT to Join “Love & Hip Hop LA”


chris brown and karrueche tran

Mona Scott-Young is very angry for learning of the leak of Love & Hip-Hop LA and is threaten to fire anyone who may have leaked the show and its potential cast members if she or he is an insider. Love And Hip Hop is set to expand the franchise to three new cities; Houston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. VH1 is also researching other potential cities where they may have a fan base.

Karrueche Tran is signed to star alone side Tyga’s girlfriend and baby mama, the well-knowing stripper Blac Chyna. It is reported, however, that Chris Brown, Tran’s boyfriend doesn’t like it and don’t want her to be on the show. We’re assuming the main reason is because Bow Wow’s baby mama, which is also Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend Jasmine Sanders will be on the show.

Having Chris’ current girlfriend and his ex girl starring on a reality show filled with drama will not workout well for Chris Brown and his already troubled life and already existed relationship drama between Tran and Rihanna. Remember Chris Brown also dated Draya Michele who is currently a member of another reality show; Basketball Wives LA.

Love and Hip Hop LA Cast – Names Below:

love and hip hop la casts

Tyga and Blac Chyna, Miss Joie (Bow Wow’s baby mama), Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown’s girlfriend), Lola Monroe (Wiz Khalifa’s former artist), Jasmine Sanders (Chris Brown’s and Young Jeezy’s ex girlfriend), and Jas Prince (Christina Milian’s boyfriend).

Beyonce and Jay-z Bored In Their Marriage! Uncle Says Bee Got Married Cause She Was Lonely!

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Beyonce and Jay-z bored

If a picture doesn’t speak a thousand words this body language in this picture says it all. While any man I know would be gawking at Beyonce’s Booty and speaking sweet lyrics in her ear. It seems like here, on a photo taken of them in Italy, they look like robots in this picture, especially Jay-z. He looks so deep in thought and the way he’s giving her a massage and looking off into space he seems like he’d much rather be somewhere else.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Bored in Their Marriage?

Now I know marriages have there ups and downs, and no matter if you’re a celebrity or not, the spark can dwindle, marriages take hard work. But it almost seems like Jay-z has checked out. It was just recently revealed a little while back that Beyonce’s Uncle spilled the beans about the real reason Beyonce got married to Jay-z.

Why Beyonce Married Jay-Z

He said Beyonce wasn’t even attracted to him, but because her career was booming, she had to watch her back on men trying to date her just for her money, she felt that at least Jay-z had his own money that he wouldn’t be trying to dip into any of hers.

Beyonce and Jay-z marriage in trouble

On top of that as a successful Singer/Actress it gets lonely at the top and not much time to date, states her Uncle, Jay-z pursued her and she was lonely, she knew if she wanted a family in the future she’d have to start planning it with someone she could trust before her biological clock ran out.

Never knew this beautiful would ever have this issue. What are your thoughts on this? Is it better to marry for money then love if you don’t have the option of love? Or do you just wait?


Booby Gibson – I NEVER CHEATED on Keyshia Cole

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keyshia cole

After rumors emerged all over social media networks that Keyshia Cole‘s divorcing Daniel “Booby” Gibson over cheating; Booby took over twitter to express his disgusts with the rumors. Booby admitted that is marriage is in trouble but said the issues of his and Keyshia‘s strained marriage have  nothing to do with cheating.

Booby tweeted:

That tweet is directed at mediatakeout who earlier reported Booby and Keyshia are getting divorced because Booby cheated on Keyshia with a long list of women.

Keyshia Cole has stayed quiet and have not made any statements to media or tweet about the ordeal. However, she retweeted Booby’s tweets and added them to her Facebook timeline. I guess we can say she’s supporting her husband!

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Keyshia Cole Net Worth?

Keyshia Cole’s estimated net worth is $9.5 million dollars.

Daniel “Booby” Gibson Net Worth

Daniel “Booby” Gibson estimated net worth is $9 million dollars

Keyshia seems to be making her statements with posting pictures to her instagram account





Stay strong Keyshia, I’ve been there….so I feel your pain!

UPDATE: DJ Traci Steele of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Responds to Leaked Naked Photos


traci naked photos

We posted earlier about DJ Traci Steele’s leaked naked photos. Now we have an update for ya! Tracy has taken to twitter to clear the air about this whole ordeal.

A twitter follower with the handle @FlexMoney accused Traci of leaking the naked photos herself! Here’s what he said to Traci.

DJ Traci Steele responded to to the fan saying:
Traci went on to say:

A pic of me was leaked to the media. I knew it was coming out, a good friend in the media gave me the heads up. At first I was devastated but now I can only smile and keep it moving. I took that pic along time ago for someone I was dating and in love with. I’m not ashamed, I like to spice up my relationships, pics, toys, wigs, blindfolds etc. I’m a Scorpio… But these things should be private. Unfortunately my life isn’t private anymore.

Well, at least Traci looks good naked. Next time if you don’t want your naked pics all over the web Traci…don’t take them!

See Traci’s Naked Pics HERE


Do you ya think Traci Leaked that Pic Herself As a Publicity Stunt?

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Khloe Kardashian Kicks Lamar Odom Out the House for Drug Use, She Wants a Divorce


khloe kardashian and lamar odom cheating, divorce, drug use scandals

Either the Kardashian’s family are really media attention seeking groupies by dishing dirt on Lamar Odom and his rumored drug use or they are really a caring family trying to help out a dude married to one of their own.

One of this week’s hottest celebrity rumor is that Khloe Kardashian, a member of the Kim Kardashian family who built their empire on the back of a sextape with one of the most watched reality tv shows keeping up with the kardashians has kicked out the house Lamar Odom and currently seeking to divorce the basketball star. Khloe and Lamar got married just a few months ago.

However, rumor has it that Lamar Odom has been cheating on Khloe Kardashian all throughout their short marriage!

Reports from TMZ has stated that Lamar is a hardcore drug abuser and has been that way for years. He even attempted a rehab stunt last year but quit just after 3 weeks in the facility. The site also stated that Lamar is a heavy crack cocaine user, in essence making him a crackhead!

Since the news, many ladies have come forward saying they have slept with Lamar a number of times. One of them is a lawyer Polina Polonsky. She claimed that she has been sleeping with Lamar Odom for over 3 weeks and have a liar detector test to prove it.

This is sad for Khloe Kardashian but expected and may even be welcome news because they make their money of that type of lifestyle.

My question is, why a lawyer is willing to put her reputation and law career on the line for 15 minutes of fame?

Stay tune for more Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom drama!

Rumors: New York City Radio Station Hot 97 has Fired K. Foxx

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k foxx fired from hot 97 radiostation nyc

There’s big news for the urban media. New York City radio station Hot 97 has fired K. Foxx from her job. K. Foxx had previously been a part of ‘The Gossip Game’ – a VH1 reality show.

As stated was official reports, the decision was taken after Foxx’s constant clashes with the program director and her co-host Ebro Darden got out of hand. She will now be replaced by one of her cast mates from ‘The Gossip Game’. While there were speculations about who would replace her, with a wide group thinking of freelance journalist Jasfly, news has come in that Ms. Drama will be the one replacing her.

K. Foxx has not issued any statement till now.

[source: theurbandaily]

Chad Johnson Screwing K. Michelle of Love & HipHop


k michelle and chad johnson dating screwing rumors

Yes, Love & HipHop reality TV bad girl K. Michelle has said this on being asked if she and former NFL player Chad Johnson were screwing or dating. She vehemently denied any such rumors, and clarified that they were being friends – going to dinner together, talking on the phone, and such.

Michelle further explained that Chad was courting her, and that they were taking things real slowly. “We haven’t slept together,” said Michelle, saying that she had had enough of dating for the time being. She said that Johnson and she were strictly friends and “that is what this needs to be.”

While K. has no qualms with Johnson dating her, don’t expect to see her jump into a steady relationship with the famous ex of Evelyn Lozada anytime soon.

On the career front, K. Michelle has plans of joining “Love and Hip-Hop NYC” after leaving the Atlanta version of the show. Whether Johnson will join her on the NYC cast is yet to be seen. But this much is for sure – if she joins Love and Hip-Hop NYC, she will bring aboard a lot of brashness, entertainment, and extra ratings to the show!

Are you surprised? Those chicks jump from athletes to athletes like cheap perfume on a cheap 2-piece suit. These chicks will never learn!