[OMG!] NO Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion! Evelyn Lozada To Blame!


bbw season 5 reunion

I want to be the first to apologize to Basketball Wives fans. We’ve just got news today that there will not be a Basketball Wives Season 5 reunion. Reason? because Evelyn Lozada refused to be part of it and without her there can be no reunion. Evelyn excuses for not wanting to participate in Basketball Wives season 5 reunion? She said it’s “because she’s sick and tired of talking about her split from ex-husband Chad Johnson” and “the break-up would be the biggest topic on the reunion show.”

No Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion!!!

basketball wives season 5 reunion

Shaunie O’Neal, the other producers and BET don’t think there will be much to talk about for a whole hour if Evelyn Lozada doesn’t participate because her domestic violence that led to her divorcing Chad Johnson just after a short time together was such a big part of BBW season 5 drama, that if she’s not there, there reunion will be a waste TV time and money!

“@EvelynLozada good on you for pulling out in the reunion,” a fan tweeted. “Why rehash the past. #BBW5″

“If it’s true I totally respect @EvelynLozada decision. U need your own show,” another user chimed in.

Evelyn agreed and thanked her Twitter followers for their support. “Thank u…❤️” she responded. “Old news!”

Do you feel cheated that there will not be a Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion?

Kenya Bell Returns To ‘Basketball Wives’ – How Do You Feel About It?


kenya bell basketball wives

Kenya Bell was known as “Crazy as Hell” on Basketball Wives and I find myself saying sometimes “I miss Crazy as Hell.” Kenya Bell fans and foes got a chance to see her again on Basketball Wives‘ yesterday episode when Tami Roman took the ladies to Kenya’s show to hear her sing about her haters.

Shaunie O’Neal was very excited to go support Kenya, but Evelyn Lozada didn’t fee too good about returning to the world of “Crazy as Hell” Kenya.

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Suzie Ketcham, on the other hand, is still salty at her former Basketball Wive’ co-star and shows no signs of extending any forgiveness for her bad behavior in the past.

Kenya Bell Basketball Wives

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Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada “I’m DONE With Fake, Part-Time Friends”


evelyn lozada

Evelyn Lozada starting opening up in a previous interview about the friendships that she has had on the show and how true or fake they really were. Obviously watching the show the girls will turn on one another in a heart beat and there will always be some remarks made about one girl that will get back to the other.

Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada On Casts Friendship

Evelyn says she’s reached a time in her life where she’d tired of the fakeness and she really wants to have “true” friendships, someone she can trust. She stated that the only one she is truly friends with on the show is Shaunnie.

From the very beginning of the show, Shaunnie O’Neal had asked her first to be on her show and that throughout all of the seasons, Shaunnie has been the only one to stay a true friend through all the madness on the show.

basketball wives evelyn lozada

I can so totally relate to her trying to find true friends, there seems to always be a female that is either envious or jealous, wants to purposely start drama, or wants to find any reason not to like you because they are insecure with themselves.

When you find a true friend, don’t take them for granted, because the rest could care less about you and they only want to see you fail.

Ex Basketball Wives Laura Govan Says “Hos Run The Show!” Do You Agree?


ex basketball wives laura govan

Ex Basketball Wives Star, Laura Govan says bluntly that, “Basketball Wives should only feature the WIVES of basketball players….and NOT random “hos.” She directed this to the show creator Shaunie O’Neal. I guess that is the reason she was cut from the last season. With her NOT being a basketball wife and all. She probably felt that being engaged on and off for over two years with Gilbert Arenas counted her as being a wife.

Laura Govan feels that Shaunie O’Neal was not keeping the show in the “basketball creed.” Funny that she said that because she reportedly was one of the women that Mr. Shaquille O’Neal himself had an affair with! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Laura Govan was clearly directing this entire on-sided conversation to her not so friendly former cast members, Draya Michele and Sunday Carter.

Ex Basketball Wives Laura Govan Interview

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BBW Evelyn Lozada: I Made Basketball Wives – Now Give Me My Own


BBW Evelyn Lozada

I have to admit, Evelyn does bring some flavor to Basketball Wives. But, it’s outrageous for Evelyn to claim she has carried Basketball Wives on her back. The Chad headbutting did help bring more drama to the show, giving the ladies something to talk about.

Tasha and Tami had a few laughs at Evelyn’s expense in this week’s episodes. The ladies made a few jokes about the incident and had a few laughs. All that drama can be credited to Evelyn for sure. But still, she did not carry Basketball Wives on her back.

Evelyn has gone on a publicity stunt in the last few weeks trying to convince producers and VH1 that she deserves her own show. And citing her contributions to the success (I’ll add demise too) of Basketball Wives as reasons why she should have her own spin-off.

Nahh, let me take that back. Evelyn is not lobbying for her own show cause of her contributions to Basketball Wives. She’s saying she’s the soul purpose of the show’s success. WOW, really Evelyn?

Now we know the reason why Evelyn Lozada is not coming back to BBW’s next season…

Here’s what BBW Evelyn Lozada said recently:

“I’m in a different space. I have so much other things going on. I had my own show before, unfortunately it was cancelled due to the incident. But I know I can carry my own show. Pretty much carried this one. So I feel like, we’ll see.”

Be careful what you wish for Evelyn, you might just get it. Then you’ll have to prove yourself. Easy say than done!

Would you watch an Evelyn spin-off?

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[Basketball Wives] Shaunie Wants to Fire Tasha Marbury Over Evelyn Headbutt Jokes


shaunie vs tasha

Shaunie O’Neal is very upset at Tasha Marbury and has every right to. Tasha, in Basketball Wives season 5 episode 5 poked fun at Evelyn domestic violent incident with her former husband Chad Johnson. Tasha Marbury made the headbutt jokes in reference to Chad allegedly headbutting Evelyn during a fight in Chad’s car that sent the reality star to the hospital.

Evelyn learned of Tasha’s headbutt jokes on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives. She was so hurt she weep a river. Evelyn stormed out of the facility and was followed by Shaunie who comforted her.

Shaunie vs Tasha

Shaunie sat down with HelloBeautiful and told them:

“Well it definitely wasn’t funny and that’s not the only moment that it happens. Apparently Suzie actually thought it was funny. Tasha has a very different sense of humor. You’ll find her constantly saying ‘I was just joking’ and it tends to be inappropriate at times or bad timing.”

“I don’t know how Suzie should have dealt with it but it’s definitely not for giggles or to laugh at,” said Shaunie. “It’s just not funny under any circumstance.”

Shaunie continues:

“I was really shocked that the counselor did it. People really kind of blame her. At the end of the day it definitely doesn’t justify a head butt,” stated Shaunie. “I like Chad, I always have, I never had a problem with Chad but I was never around him like that.  At the same time, Evelyn is my friend, I support her. I want her to be safe.”

Should Tasha and Suzie start looking for another job?

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[Basketball Wives] Is Tami Roman A Bully? Online Petitions to Boot Her Off BBW


bbw tami roman

Digging some dirt on Tami Roman we found a number of online petitions asking producer and creator Shaunie O’Neal and BET to boot Tami off Basketball Wives and to officially label her a ‘bully!’ Tami has taken to online news sites, twitter and gossip blogs to defend her behavior on BBW, saying the show portraits her to be someone she is not.

After a big brawl with Kesha Nichols on BBW, fans and foes alike accused the Basketball Wives star of being a bully. Some took their discontent and anger toward Tami to Change.org where they started several online petitions against Tami on the site demanding hr ouster from the show.

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A Search for Tami Roman on Change.org  produces over 80 petitions calling her head. One petition title is “Boycott Tami Roman from Basketball Wives VH1” I don’t know how you can boycott an individual from a show without boycotting the entire show.

Tami Roman Speaks Out

In a recent interview, Tami told Christian Post “I was traumatized,  I became an introvert and literally withdrew from everybody that loved me, the people that I worked with and I didn’t know how to handle what was happening.

tami roman booted off basketbal wives

Tami says that she become depressed and wanted to do herself harm (suicide) after reading all the BBW fan nasty comments/statements and the petitions calling for her head. Tami says, however, she made peace with herself after turning to God.

Tami revealed to Christian Post:

“It caused me to just say, ‘ok God help me out of this situation’ and I decided to make all the necessary changes, but I needed to have people really know me, know Tami and not just the imagery that they see on ‘Basketball Wives.'”

Do you agree that Tami Roman does more harm to Basketball Wives than good and that she should be booted from the show for good?

Here’s a bootylegged video of Tami Roman going on on Kesha

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Tami Roman: Basketball Wives A SINKING SHIP! Agree or Not?


tami roman basketball wives

We don’t know if Tami Roman is venting because she plans not to return to Basketball Wives next season or if she’s pointing out to the ‘writing on the wall.’ Is Shaunie O’Neal’s 15 minutes of fame about to expire? Tami seems to think so. According to the former Basketball Wives star, the show is a ‘sinking ship‘ that is going under faster than the Titanic.

Tami is definitely out of of next season of Basketball Wives. Her former cast members no longer invites her to hang out of activities as evident in this recent tweet she made on twitter:

“Y’all b!tc#_$ went shopping without me. All I want to say is, I would have liked to have contributed to the gift to Miss Tasha, but y’all three decided y’all wanted to be the Three Musketeers and go get some damn harnesses and dildos… Y’all left me sitting in the hotel room,”

Tami was very upset when Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham left without her to buy Tasha Marbury’s birthday gifts. This is an indication that the ladies of BBW are fed up with Tami Roman and no longer want to be associated with her.

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Tami, however, doesn’t shy away from expressing her distaste for Basketball Wives and the fact that she’s not going to be on the filming of the show’s next season. She even suggested that the show is over.

Tami Roman Net Worth?

Tami Roman net worth is $100 thousand dollars.

Tami Roman Husband?

Kenny Anderson

Tami Roman is reportedly working on several projects of her own. She took some shots at Shaunie O’Neal for portraying her in a negative light and made turned out to be ‘complete’ opposite of who she really is on Basketball Wives.

“I just try to give my real life and open up every aspect of my life. If I don’t feel like that’s being portrayed the way I need it to be portrayed at this point in my life, then there are steps that everyone needs to take for the good of mankind,” she said.

Tami told bossip.com:

“It may have run its course. I don’t necessarily know that there are many more stories that we can tell,”  “It could possibly be a sinking ship.”

Tami Roman Basketball Wives Interview Part I

Tami Roman Basketball Wives Interview Part II

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[LESBIAN AFFAIR]: Evelyn, Shaunie Oneal and Tami Roman are Gay Lovers!


Shaunie Oneal Tami Roman Evelyn Lozada Lovers Triangle
There is news coming out of Los Angles in regards to Evelyn Lazada, Shaunie Oneal and Tami Roman that we would have never expected.

Reliable sources say that trio have been on and off lesbian lovers and that this affair has somewhat strained the on set  business relationship regarding the show.

Baseketball Wives Co Stars

It all became heated when Tami appeared upset because of  Shaunie Oneal’s desire to change the direction of the show without asking for her input on the matter.

It seems Tami felt that since they were all  intimate lovers together that Shaunie had an obligation to listen to her.

Shaunie didn’t feel that way and often had to remind Tami who was in charge and that she didn’t have any say so in the matter.

Evelyn on the other hand seemed cool with the changes that were implemented on the show and didn’t want to take sides.



This has caused a major rift on the show and has put a serious strain on the love affair.
But this is quite the shocker!  But on the other hand it kind of makes sense.

This is how you can explain the erratic behavior of Ms. Roman towards Shaunie and Evelyn on the show.

So far Season 5 of  Basketball Wives has been very interesting.
It’s almost like everyday there is something new that comes out in regards to this show. Crazy!




Shaunie O’Neal: I Let Evelyn and Tami Take Over Basketball Wives


evelyn tami fight

I have watched Basketball Wives grew from a simple reality TV show into one of the most watched reality series on TV. VH1 won the lottery, in my opinion, when Evelyn pitched the idea and they accepted. The success of Basketball Wives can be attributed to one woman and one woman only; Shaunie O’Neal.

Shaunie has grown from Shaquille O’Neal’s trophy wife to one of the most success black women in entertainment business. Shaunie has emerged a winner by creating one of the most successful entertainment empire in the world. Takes Basketball Wives, for example, that show is live and hot.

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Basketball Wives is the 4th higher rating on cable television on Monday nights behind Monday Night Football, WWE Raw, and Fast N Loud. Not bad from a chick who was nothing but a shadow to a seven foot basketball player. Oh, for those of you who didn’t know “Love & Hip Hop” and “For the Love Of…” are all spin-off of Shaunie’s.

Shaunie has always look strong and confident. The business graduate seems to not have any fears. But again, every human being on this earth have their flaws and weaknesses. Shaunie got sucked by her success and has, since the launch of  Basketball Wives, followed the stereotype of black women on television.

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Hollywood has always thought that if you could put a few ghetto black women on TV, make them act as hood, as loud and as violent as possible toward each other you will have one of the highest rating shows on television.  has allowed the show to become one of the most violent shows on TV.  That is exactly what have happened to BBW. Who can ever forget the basketball wives Tami and Evelyn fight in Rome, Italy in season 3!

However, I have to give Shaunie some credit for cleaning up the show a little bit. One of the things Shaunie touched on when she sat down with hellobeautiful was  how she allowed Evelyn and Tami to dominate basketball wives. As you may noticed, none of those chicks are now on the show. See the hellobeautiful’s interview with Shaunie O’Neal below:

HelloBeautiful: Last season you caught a lot of flack for the drama that happened, and this time around you said you were going to reveal the “real” you. What does that mean?

Shaunie O’ Neal: I just feel like, at this point, I probably just didn’t speak up enough. Previous seasons, I kind of sat back and was like whatever, ya know, I’m here and I’m doing my job. Evelyn and Tami have a such a strong personality that it’s very easy to sit back and just let them go and not really have much to say. I think everyone has something to say [about the show] regardless. If it’s too dramatic, they have something to say. If it’s not dramatic enough, they have something to say and I realize that.

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HB: A few episodes ago, you and Tami bumped head over the, “It can go really right or really wrong,”comment you made to Tasha.  You told her ‘I stick by that.’ Is that an example of you taking more of a stance?

Shaunie: Absolutely. I really don’t see and didn’t see it as negative, but I could understand where she was coming from. I think it comes in a place where she’s defensive about her past. I think anything said is kind of a touchy thing with her. Maybe it was negative in someone’s eyes, but I don’t feel that way. I still stand by what I said. At the end of the day it didn’t make a negative impression, so why the hell was it an issue at all?

HB: Tasha Marbury made a comment about Evelyn Lozada wearing a helmet on her next date and Suzie laughed. How do you think Susie should have handled that situation?

Shaunie: Well it definitely wasn’t funny and that’s not the only moment that it happens (keep watching). Apparently Suzie actually thought it was funny. Tasha has a very different sense of humor. You’ll find her constantly saying ‘I was just joking’ and it tends to be inappropriate at times or bad timing. I don’t know how Susie should have dealt with it but it’s definitely not for giggles or to laugh at. It’s just not funny under any circumstance.

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HB: You’re watching the show with the rest of the world. Did you find it odd when you saw the scene where Evelyn’s counselor seemed to be blaming her for the incident with Chad?

Shaunie: I was really shocked that the counselor did it. People really kind of blame her. At the end of the day it definitely doesn’t justify a head butt. I like Chad, I always have, I never had a problem with Chad but I was never around him like that.  At the same time, Evelyn is my friend, I support her. I want her to be safe. I don’t ever want to get a phone call like that again. I definitely support her staying away.

Read the rest of the interview at Hellobeautiful

BWW DRAMA: Shaunie O’Neal Says Tami Roman NOT Quitting Basketball Wives


Tami Roman

A twitter fan has started a war of words between Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman. The two Basketball Wives reality stars are not new to personal dramas but this one is more important than anything they previously had going on. This could be the end of on-screen drama between the two.

The drama is around whether Tami Roman is really quitting Basketball Wives. According to Tami, she has already left basketball wives. Tami confirmed it in her response to the fan:

Another fan that goes by twitter handle “@VonsReign” tweeted to the first lady of Basketball Wives Shaunie O’Nea (founder) saying:

Shaunie O’Neal sarcastically retorted:

Mmmmmm, it’s getting really interesting! Does that mean Tami Roman not quitting Basketball Wives?

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