5 Things We Learned From Love and Hip Hop NY Season 4 Premiere


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VH1‘s reality series Love & Hip Hop NY season 4 premiere debut with new catfights, new music, new cast members and new drama. The show’s new season is on another level and it shows at the premiere. the drama is none stop, the fights, the name calling, oh don’t forget the scouting of the next cast member to sleep or cheat with. Oh yeah, we’re going to have all that going on as more episodes come out! There’s already a love triangle brewing!

love and hip hop ny season 4 premiere

Love and Hip Hop NY Season 4 Premiere Cast Members?

Love and Hip Hop New York cast members are: Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris, models Erica Mena, Tahiry Jose, and rapper Joe Budden, along with some new faces: Tara Wallace, Erica Jean, Amina Buddafly, Nya, rapper Peter Gunz, and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta favorite K. Michelle.

Love And Hip Hop NY Season 4 Premiere

Below is 5 things we have learned so far from the new Love & Hip Hop NY season 4 premiere:

1.)  Yandy Smith is now a single mother: After her fiance’, Mendeecees was sent to prison, she was left to raise two children and take care of her empire of businesses. It brought everyone totears when her stepson asked if his dad was really going to prison. With everything going on Yandy still think that Mendeecee’s won’t stay true to their relationship.

2.)  Peter Gunz and Tara Williams are the new Stevie J and Mimi Faust: Manager Peter Gunz lives with his girlfriend of 13 years and mother of his three children Tara Williams. Although it felt real for Tara in reality it wasn’t because he was sleeping with his artist Amina who calls herself, “wifey”. I guess they needed to boost their numbers so they can catch up with their sister show cast stars L&HH: ATL Stevie J and Mimi Faust.

3.)  Joe Budden back with together with Tahiry after STD test: Joe Budden has been known to go on and off with his long time girl Tahiry. Apparently the burning sensation they have for each other was a little more than we expected. Tahiry had Joe Budden take a STD test to make sure one of his “flings” didn’t leave him an unwanted gift. “Way to protect yourself girl.” We later learn that Joe Budden is “Burn” free and him and Tahiry decide to move further along in their on again, off again relationship.

4.)  K.Michelle is in a New York State of Mind: K.Michelle has made it to the set. She has packed her things and officially moved from Atlanta and making New York her new home. With her trying to live her major level dreams I am sure there will be drama following her. Because we all know where theirs drama there is always K. Michelle leading it on.

5.)  Amina has no shame: Amina takes obsession to a whole new level. Not only did she admit that she slept with Peter Gunz knowing that he was with his girlfriend. She nicknamed herself, “wifey and got a tattoo, “Mrs. Pankey,” Peter Gunz last name, on her body. She made it known that she does not care about anything but her, “love of her life.”

What have you learned from Love and Hip Hop NY Season 4 premiere?

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Janelle Said She Was Being “Bullied” on Bad Girls Club Miami


janelle bgcm

Watching Bad Girls Club Miami show, Janelle really receives a lot of heat from the other girls. She has been public enemy #1 since the beginning of the season. Janelle has gotten in to a fight with EVERY girl on the house at least once. Whether it was an argument with words, fists or sometimes even weave pulling. With all the drama seeming to circle around Janelle, she still feels as if she was the one that was being bullied on the show.

Janelle talks about how her parents raised her to never be afraid of someone’s words because words won’t hurt her. Janelle even commented on the other females only being ¼ human and that they can’t think for themselves! OUCH!

janelle bad girls club miami

Janelle Bad Girls Club Miami Talks About Being Bullied Video


Royce Reed “I Sold My Soul” on Basketball Wives Show!


royce reed basketball wives

Former Basketball Wives, Royce Reed ultimately left the show after four seasons. “I felt kinda like I was selling my soul,” Reese said of her role on Basketball Wives. She went on saying that, “The way the show was pitched is completely different from what it has become.

We pitched the show as being positive and with goal oriented career driven woman that also like to have fun while dealing with the stresses of their exes or spouses and life,” Reed wrote.

Royce Reed Basketball Wives Rant

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Reese said that she was happy how she left the show because her fans was able to see that she had her career and her life in order.


Way to go Reese. The only question that lingers in the air is Evelyn Lozada already revealed that there will be an old cast member returning. Could Royce Reed be making a big come back?


Ex Basketball Wives Laura Govan Says “Hos Run The Show!” Do You Agree?


ex basketball wives laura govan

Ex Basketball Wives Star, Laura Govan says bluntly that, “Basketball Wives should only feature the WIVES of basketball players….and NOT random “hos.” She directed this to the show creator Shaunie O’Neal. I guess that is the reason she was cut from the last season. With her NOT being a basketball wife and all. She probably felt that being engaged on and off for over two years with Gilbert Arenas counted her as being a wife.

Laura Govan feels that Shaunie O’Neal was not keeping the show in the “basketball creed.” Funny that she said that because she reportedly was one of the women that Mr. Shaquille O’Neal himself had an affair with! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Laura Govan was clearly directing this entire on-sided conversation to her not so friendly former cast members, Draya Michele and Sunday Carter.

Ex Basketball Wives Laura Govan Interview

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Shaunie O’Neal: I Let Evelyn and Tami Take Over Basketball Wives


evelyn tami fight

I have watched Basketball Wives grew from a simple reality TV show into one of the most watched reality series on TV. VH1 won the lottery, in my opinion, when Evelyn pitched the idea and they accepted. The success of Basketball Wives can be attributed to one woman and one woman only; Shaunie O’Neal.

Shaunie has grown from Shaquille O’Neal’s trophy wife to one of the most success black women in entertainment business. Shaunie has emerged a winner by creating one of the most successful entertainment empire in the world. Takes Basketball Wives, for example, that show is live and hot.

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Basketball Wives is the 4th higher rating on cable television on Monday nights behind Monday Night Football, WWE Raw, and Fast N Loud. Not bad from a chick who was nothing but a shadow to a seven foot basketball player. Oh, for those of you who didn’t know “Love & Hip Hop” and “For the Love Of…” are all spin-off of Shaunie’s.

Shaunie has always look strong and confident. The business graduate seems to not have any fears. But again, every human being on this earth have their flaws and weaknesses. Shaunie got sucked by her success and has, since the launch of  Basketball Wives, followed the stereotype of black women on television.

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Hollywood has always thought that if you could put a few ghetto black women on TV, make them act as hood, as loud and as violent as possible toward each other you will have one of the highest rating shows on television.  has allowed the show to become one of the most violent shows on TV.  That is exactly what have happened to BBW. Who can ever forget the basketball wives Tami and Evelyn fight in Rome, Italy in season 3!

However, I have to give Shaunie some credit for cleaning up the show a little bit. One of the things Shaunie touched on when she sat down with hellobeautiful was  how she allowed Evelyn and Tami to dominate basketball wives. As you may noticed, none of those chicks are now on the show. See the hellobeautiful’s interview with Shaunie O’Neal below:

HelloBeautiful: Last season you caught a lot of flack for the drama that happened, and this time around you said you were going to reveal the “real” you. What does that mean?

Shaunie O’ Neal: I just feel like, at this point, I probably just didn’t speak up enough. Previous seasons, I kind of sat back and was like whatever, ya know, I’m here and I’m doing my job. Evelyn and Tami have a such a strong personality that it’s very easy to sit back and just let them go and not really have much to say. I think everyone has something to say [about the show] regardless. If it’s too dramatic, they have something to say. If it’s not dramatic enough, they have something to say and I realize that.

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HB: A few episodes ago, you and Tami bumped head over the, “It can go really right or really wrong,”comment you made to Tasha.  You told her ‘I stick by that.’ Is that an example of you taking more of a stance?

Shaunie: Absolutely. I really don’t see and didn’t see it as negative, but I could understand where she was coming from. I think it comes in a place where she’s defensive about her past. I think anything said is kind of a touchy thing with her. Maybe it was negative in someone’s eyes, but I don’t feel that way. I still stand by what I said. At the end of the day it didn’t make a negative impression, so why the hell was it an issue at all?

HB: Tasha Marbury made a comment about Evelyn Lozada wearing a helmet on her next date and Suzie laughed. How do you think Susie should have handled that situation?

Shaunie: Well it definitely wasn’t funny and that’s not the only moment that it happens (keep watching). Apparently Suzie actually thought it was funny. Tasha has a very different sense of humor. You’ll find her constantly saying ‘I was just joking’ and it tends to be inappropriate at times or bad timing. I don’t know how Susie should have dealt with it but it’s definitely not for giggles or to laugh at. It’s just not funny under any circumstance.

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HB: You’re watching the show with the rest of the world. Did you find it odd when you saw the scene where Evelyn’s counselor seemed to be blaming her for the incident with Chad?

Shaunie: I was really shocked that the counselor did it. People really kind of blame her. At the end of the day it definitely doesn’t justify a head butt. I like Chad, I always have, I never had a problem with Chad but I was never around him like that.  At the same time, Evelyn is my friend, I support her. I want her to be safe. I don’t ever want to get a phone call like that again. I definitely support her staying away.

Read the rest of the interview at Hellobeautiful

BWW DRAMA: Shaunie O’Neal Says Tami Roman NOT Quitting Basketball Wives


Tami Roman

A twitter fan has started a war of words between Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman. The two Basketball Wives reality stars are not new to personal dramas but this one is more important than anything they previously had going on. This could be the end of on-screen drama between the two.

The drama is around whether Tami Roman is really quitting Basketball Wives. According to Tami, she has already left basketball wives. Tami confirmed it in her response to the fan:

Another fan that goes by twitter handle “@VonsReign” tweeted to the first lady of Basketball Wives Shaunie O’Nea (founder) saying:

Shaunie O’Neal sarcastically retorted:

Mmmmmm, it’s getting really interesting! Does that mean Tami Roman not quitting Basketball Wives?

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Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michele Talks New Season and New Boyfriend


Draya Michele

When it comes to constant and non-stop drama Basketball Wives LA wins by a land slide comparing to the other reality shows out there. One such reason is the often outburst and antics from one of the newest members on Basketball Wives Season 6 Draya Michele. Draya, however is proven to be the most stable out of all the basketball wives (well, some are not wives anymore) but Draya is quick to remind the her cast mates of her not so glamorous past.

basketball wives la draya michele

For those of you who thought Basketball Wives LA wasn’t coming back for another season, you’re in for a big surprise. The new season is currently being filmed. Some of the ladies have grown up mentally and physically. One of those ladies is the only and only Draya Michele.

draya michele booty pictures

Draya recently sat down with Vibe Vixen for an interview. Draya talked to VV about her new fashion line “Your Fine Ass Girls” and her new boyfriend. Draya Michele’s boyfriend is the NFL star Orlando Scandricks who plays corner back (CB) for the Dallas Cowboys. Below is Draya Michele’s interview with VV.

draya michele sexy photos

Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michel Talks New Season and New Boyfriend

Draya Michele touches on the state of her happiness: “Things are going great, I can’t complain, I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Draya Michele talks her motivation for “Your Fine Ass Girls” clothing line: “Well I started by saying “wit’ yo fine ass” it was something that I just said all the time. I wanted to make things that people were able to get that was a part of Draya but I didn’t want it to be like merchandise, I didn’t want to put a slogan on a shirt so then I just came up with Fine Ass Girls and was like “well why not do that?” and even people that don’t know me can wear it just because it has a great name, it’s catchy. I just wanted to start something that could be for everyone.”

Draya Michele describes what a vixen is to her? “I think of vixen as something sexy. I think that “X” in there just makes it like a sexy woman. Vixen itself is just a sexy word so I think it’s just any woman that’s sexy and doing whatever her talent is and succeeding at it.”

Draya Michele speaks about the inspiration for the second collection of Mint Swim, “I definitely took a lot more time creating this line and I wanted them to be really sexy. I wanted to keep them all in the same color scheme and not do anything too wild so I kept it basic white, basic black, and then there’s a little bit of tan. And there’s a bit of red and orange in there, I just wanted to keep it nice and clean and chic.”

Draya Michele introduces herself to her fans and haters“I just want people to know that Instagram is just a small fraction of my life. It’s pictures that I select to go up there and you know there are some things in my life that I like to keep private. There are people that inquire so much about my family and as a mother that is a very scary thing so I have to protect my family and keep them a little out of the limelight just because they’re so in demand. When people say “well where’s your son? Where’s your son? Where’s son?” it has the opposite effect on me, instead of making me actually want to post my son, it puts a slight fear in me like why are you guys so obsessed with my son? That would scare any parent for strangers to be so concerned for their child. I just need people to know that I keep it private.”

We’re going to see a lot of Draya Michele this year and we’re looking forward to it!

draya michele photos

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TLC Music Life Movie Trailer by VH1 – Crazy, Sexy, Cool


watch tlc movie trailer crazy sexy cool

Sounds like VH1 is throwing the former R&B, hip hop, soul, and funk and Grammy Award winning divas ‘TLC‘ a lifeline after blowing through a sh*t load of money they made in the mid-90’s. TLC used to be one of the hottest hip hop group in the 90’s and would still be going at it if it wasn’t for the devastating lost of one of their group members ‘Left-Eye.’

The made up of the group ‘TLC’ was T-Boz (Tionne Watkins), Left Eye (Lisa Lopes) and Chilli (Rozonda Thomas); hence the name “TLC.” Left Eye died in a car accident in La Ceiba, Honduras in 20o2. TLC two surviving members currently live in the Atlanta area.


VH1 is reportedly filming a movie about the group that will be released in selected theaters. The movie’s name is Crazy, Sexy, Cool  We got our hands on the TLC movie trailer. The movie is produced by  and the cast members are: .

Watch TLC Music Life Movie Trailer :: Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Click here to learn more about TLC


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