[SMH] Nicki Minaj Sucks Muscular Dude’s Nipples – Say “I Don’t Wear Bra” [PICTURES / VIDEO]

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nicki minaj ellen show

Nicki Minaj shows up as a guess of the Ellen Degeneres show and acted a fool. First, she shows up with no bra on saying “I don’t wear bras. I hate bras. Bras are the devil!!.” The Nicki went crazy when Allen brought some half naked men on stage. Nicki put on her freaky face mask and started sucking on one of the sexy black dude’s nipples.

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Nicki Minaj Ellen Show

nicki minaj ellen show

nicki minaj allen show pictures

A few minutes earlier, Nicki Minaj was seen on the show’s parking lot with her breasts out for everyone to see. You can see dudes on the background breaking their necks to peak at her naked chest. Those breast implants look good though!

nicki minaj breasts pictures

Watch Nicki Minaj Ellen Show Action on Ellen Show

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