Best Shampoos for Dry and Damaged Hair

Whether you have a healthy head of hair and are just taking preventative measures, or you’re looking to do some serious reversing, there are hundreds of healing shampoos that will bring your hair back to life. Check them out deals on them below.

How To Use It

It’s common to misuse dry shampoo. You spray too much and too close to your scalp and next thing you know, you’re left with a heavy powder residue and you’ve blown through a bottle of $20 dry shampoo. Here are our best tips: To properly use the spray, hold the bottle at least 6 inches from your head. I recommend reading the directions on the bottle because some sprays suggest 6 inches, others up to 10. This allows you to spray evenly with less chance of build-up.

Work in sections by pulling up hair and spraying the powder evenly at the roots. Try to avoid your scalp and aim instead for the hair. Always let dry shampoo dry for at least 2 minutes. Always brush hair or blow dry hair after spraying to distribute the powder. Never spray on wet or damp hair. You can use the spray everywhere. Spray it on the ends to texturize it. Spray it mid-shaft to give fine hair body.

Aerosol Or Powder?

Dry shampoo comes in aerosol and powder form and works in the same way. Which method you choose to use is up to personal preference. Some women love the aerosols because you can direct the spray and it coats more evenly. Others prefer powders because they seem less wasteful. I recommend trying them both and deciding which works best for you.

The Drugstore Versions

You can find a pretty good drugstore dry shampoo for under $10. You do get what you pay for. Drugstore brands typically come in scents which could be overpowering and many leave a white, powdery cast on your hair. Fix this by brushing your hair well once the product dries. Also, don’t spray directly on your part, where the white powder may be obvious.