Financing Pools

Having a swimming pool at home can not only be used for recreation and exercise, but it can entertain guests and even raise property value. Look right below for unbelievable discounts on brand new swimming pool financing opportunities!

Which Lenders Offer Cash-Out Refinancing

There are a few lenders that offer cash-out refinancing, which can be used to pay for a swimming pool. New American Funding is known for extending loans to those who don’t have a traditional income whether this is due to self-employment or a similar reason. In general, purchase loans can be completed within 14 days, excluding weekends. Quicken Loans is another company that can assist in financing a swimming pool. They provide several options for loans and refinancing. Rocket Mortgage offers approvals on refinancing within minutes. The entire process can be done online without the need for the physical paperwork required for many loans.

Which Companies Offer Unsecured Loans

Sun Trust Bank grants unsecured loans to those looking to purchase a swimming pool. They do so through Lightstream, their unsecured loan division that focuses specifically on loans for swimming pool purchases. This is an option for those who have good credit. There are several benefits to obtaining financing through Lighstream. One of them is that there are no fees, a valid concern for many people needing to take a loan. Those who apply during business hours usually receive a decision quickly. An approved loan can potentially be available the same day it is applied for. A Lighstream unsecured loan can be used for any part of the swimming pool financing it is needed for. Loan amounts range from $5,000 up to $100,000 and customers have options for their repayments.

Which Credit Card Companies Offer Pool Financing

Discover extends homeowners’ loans to consumers which can be used to finance a pool. Loan amounts range from $35,000 to $200,000. This more than covers the cost of either above ground or in-ground pools. It can be used for installation fees, as well as purchase and maintenance of a pool, making a loan from Discover a great way to add value to one’s home.

Why Should One Finance A Pool With A Home Equity Loan?

There are a few benefits to using a home equity loan to finance a pool. One reason is that the interest rates on this type of loan are generally low compared to other types of loans. The same can be said about using credit cards for financing. Another reason to take a home equity loan is that there can be tax benefits for doing so. Any interest that one pays can later be deducted from their taxes if the loan was used to add value to their home. Any real estate professional will attest to the increased value of a home with a pool.