Finding Great Bed Frames

A bed frame isn’t just a place for your mattress to call home, a stylish bed frame can be the focal point of your bedroom decor and add potential storage space. Look right below for some of the greatest deals on bed frames!

Weight the Size of the Mattress

If you already have a mattress you love, choosing a new bed frame becomes a bit easier. If you have a full-size mattress, you want a double bed frame. If you have a queen-size mattress, you want to look at queen-size frames. Make sure you know whether your king-size mattress is a California king or an eastern king, as they’re slightly different; a bed frame that fits one may not fit the other. If you’re buying your entire bed set from scratch, consider how much room you have for a bed and what bed size makes you feel most comfortable.

Measure the Size of the Room

A bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in any bedroom, and a large bed can easily overpower a small room. Place your mattress on the floor to get a sense of its size, or use pillows or masking tape to approximate it. If you find that you already feel cramped, opt for a simple metal bed frame under your box spring to maximize the usable space in your bedroom. A simple platform bed frame can also be a space-saving option, and you can even expand your storage options by choosing a bed that offers drawers under the box spring or shelves in the headboard.

Choose Between a Platform Bed and a Box Spring

With many platform beds, you only need a mattress and no box spring; this makes buying a platform bed a wise choice for many shoppers watching their budgets. Of course, some platform beds can also accommodate a box spring if you like your bed a little higher off the ground. The choice between platform bed and box spring is also a question of firmness for some, with many people preferring the hard foundation that many platform beds provide.

Consider the Height and Bulkiness of the Bed

If you desire the drama of a more elaborate bed frame, such as a four-poster or canopy bed, aim your tape measure toward the ceiling. A tall bed frame requires a high ceiling, as even a large bedroom can start to feel cramped. Do a little extra measuring as well if you prefer a bulky bed frame such as a sleigh bed or a bed frame-headboard combination with bookshelves included. Bear in mind that you might have to disassemble and reassemble larger beds to get them through a bedroom door, and make sure that’s possible with your chosen frame.