Premium Bean Bag Chairs

Looking for a comfortable piece of furniture? You can’t go wrong with a bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs were first introduced in 1968 and became raving success very quickly, and they are still a popular option to this very day. Continue on to learn more about premium bean bag chairs.

Premium bean bag chairs are fun for adults and especially children, offering durability and exceptional comfort. Children and adults alike can jump on them, sit on them, sleep in them, and use them for gaming. The leading brands on the market include brands such as Ultimate Sack, Moon Pod, and Lovesac.

Over 300 fabric and leather covers are available at Lovesac. Swatches are available upon request to match any area in your home. Shawn Nelson has been following the bean bag crowd since 1995. Obsessed with comfort, he built his first 8-foot model in his parent’s basement. Each year since then, the creative juices have stirred him to add more and more designs.

Ultimate Sack was the brainchild of three family members. These bean bag addicts searched the globe for quality and style. They finally decided to design their own perfect premium bean bag chairs. After much trial and error, the ultimate bean bag was ready. Removable and washable covers, inner lining to protect 100% new shredded polyurethane foam and double stitching makes this product durable and easy to maintain. There is also a durable zipper with a child safety lock. Made in Hudson, Ohio, USA, each product has a whopping 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects, making the Ultimate Sack a big winner. Custom orders and engraved messages and names can be requested. A choice of suede, fur and fur prints are available. They have expanded their line to include blankets, pillows, footstools and dog beds. A 5-foot bean bag chair model retails for around $300. Accessories run from $15 to $50.

Moonpod is another example of today’s luscious bean bag makeovers. Ergonomic in form, this bean bag takes the comfort of a deep soft fill and mixes it with sustainability for support. The therapeutic feel comes from high-friction EPS custom beads. The lightweight sensation mimics floating on a cloud. What a great stress reliever and muscle supporter! A 4-foot pod weighs only 12 pounds (5.44 kg) and retails at $299. The outer fabric is removable and machine washable. A one-year warranty covers the seams and zippers. The cover is available in space gray only. The Moonpod is made in China and available exclusively in the United States. Free shipping and financing are offered.

Today’s premium bean bag chairs can be found through Amazon or directly through the manufacturer’s website. The level of comfort has improved significantly over the past 3 decades with these casual seats. Style options are larger with sizes to fit any member of the family. Prices vary according to size. Sales, discounts and free shipping are often offered.