The Best Types of Fire Pits

Nothing brings family and friends together like a big, beautiful backyard fire pit. Look below for the best deals on brand new backyard fire pits.

Fire Pit

The standard fire pit is a classic addition to any home that can come in so many different shapes and sizes. They can be as basic as a DIY fire pit in the corner of your yard and as extravagant as a full stone fireplace. The best part about building your own is that you can make it into any shape or size you want. If you’ve got a big area with lots of space and want to be able to host a larger group of people, you can make a bigger fire pit! It’s easy to add some patio furniture surrounding the pit so you’ve got a custom seating area. On the flip side, if you’re dealing with a smaller space, you can tone down your fire pit and make it a cozy go to spot for a few close friends.

Fire Columns

Other than your standard fire pit, fire columns are a cool spin on a traditional outdoor feature. Unlike fire pits, fire columns almost always use natural gas or propane for fuel. A wood burning fire column is just a little too impractical. We mentioned focal pieces earlier, and fire columns are a perfect example of this. They’re unique and definitely catch your eye when you see one. The amount of different styles is great too! There are modern examples and traditional examples with everything in between.

Fire Bowl

While the fire bowl is similar to a fire pit, the bowl is a little more portable than the pit option. This is ideal if your in a situation where you have a landlord. The big issue is that fire pits are often very permanent features of your backyard. If you have a landlord that doesn’t want you messing around with your yard too much, the fire bowl is a great option! As with most fire features, it comes in a wide range of styles.

Fire Tables

The fire table is something you don’t see as often as some of the other fire features which is kind of a bummer because these things are super cool! Fire tables are form and function wrapped into one. Not only does the fire provide warmth (duh) the table is a great place to put your feet up or rest some drinks. There are a crazy amount of different styles to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find a table that will fit in with your patio design.