Where To Get Personalized Baby Books

Personalized baby books put your child at the center of the story, encouraging participation and healthy reading habits from an early age. Look below for great deals on personalized baby books!

Connie’s Gift Box

If you want to get a personalized children’s book without breaking the bank, then look no further than Connie’s Gift Box, which has an extensive selection of books available for less than $20. Books can be personalized with the child’s name and a dedication. Story options include being a world class detective on a farm, celebrating Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus, or learning how to count with animal friends.


Do you seek choices upon choices? Then, be prepared to get your scroll on at Dinkleboo with their plethora of personalized kids books that are perfect for small readers who want to see themselves having adventures with their favorite characters. Most books have a starting price of $24.99. However, books with licensed characters like Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine start at $34.


According to Frecklebox, in their books, your child’s name will be featured on every single page! Books also include the child’s gender and a dedication message for the ultimate personalization experience. Soft covers cost $21.95, while hard covers cost $34.95. Frecklebox is also taking personalization to the next level with My Name Is, personalized with a video dedication for $49.95.


You thought Hallmark was only the go-to place for finding a card for every occasion? Nah, son! It is also the place to go for adorable personalized books for kids. Books can be personalized with both the child’s and giver’s names as well as a character representing the child. Generic storybooks cost $39.95, while books with licensed properties like Batman, the NFL, and Rainbow Brite are priced slightly higher at $44.95.